An Heir is Born

Neth 10th, 4717 – Gozran 8th, 4719

The council responsibilities of the characters take precedence and a year an a half whizzes by. During this time the Duchy grows by leaps and bounds. Vitally needed buildings and expertise is added to all of the communities of Innisfree. Also some major projects were completed, these include: a Courthouse and Mint in Deepwater, a Brewery in Guinness, and a Resort at the Skunk River hot springs.

Two historic events also took place during this session. The Constitution of Innisfree was completed in Arodus of 4718, making Innisfree a nation of laws. And Caelan’s first born, a son, was born two months later.

Finally, a few other things happened that were noteworthy. Jacobi’s wife Mary had a daughter whom they named Scotia. Strangely, the child has begun showing signs of fire sorcery (at an incredibly young age). Rumors fly that Scotia love Jacobi and used some foul magic to arrange the awkward situation. The less superstitious believe this has more to do with Jacobi baptizing the child at a church of Cayden Cailean than any real connection between he and Scotia. Also, a Marsh Giant attacked the newly built resort and spa (causing some damage). The group dealt with the creature, though almost lost some members by their own hands due to a well placed confusion spell.

At the conclusion of the session the group begins learning of trouble in the neighboring settlement of Varnhold. A Swordlord by the name of Jamandi Aldori formally (though secretly) requests the group find out what has happened since Restov dares not show support for the fledgling settlements at their Southern Border (for fear of the Brevan Crown). Callum Argyle also sends a charter for the group to stop the nuisance of the Nomen Centaurs on behalf of Restov; either by force or by negotiation. Scotia also learns that a researcher from the Academy, one Ervil Pendrod, has not returned from his trip to Varnhold.

The game ends with the group readying to hit the road once more. A welcome thing after two and a half years of council sessions.



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