First (World) Impressions

Sarenith 5th, 4719 – ?

The group sits helpless, paralyzed by the dread lich Vordakai. One by one they watch each other being “processed” by Vordakai. When he gets to Quinn something grabs his attention, something on Quinn’s back (which the others cannot see). He leaves for a time then returns with an assortment of horrible looking tools and equipment. It’s obvious that he is meaning to skin the general alive.

Hope fades and despair sets in. In their darkest hour the heroes of Innisfree see a light…literally. Something on Quinn’s back begins to glow brightly. Vordakai covers his eye and staggers backward. The party is fascinated by the light and stare at it, completely absorbed by it. At some point they realize they are no longer in Vordakai’s lair, they cannot think of where they might be since the light commands their attention. Eventually the light fades, replaced by the comforting darkness of sleep.

They awaken in a world of extremes (each in a separate place, though close to each other, all are naked and with no equipment). Life bursts forth in every direction, plants and insects seeming evolving before your eyes. It is an land of complete wilderness. Everything is amplified. Plants are greener, the sky bluer, trees taller, animals larger and healthier, etc. Everything also has an edge of danger about it as well. Plants have thorns, insects stingers and mandibles, etc. Quinn recognizes the land as the same one he saw in his dream that night, years ago, when he slept among the roots of the Old Sycamore.

Unfortunately, Scotia wakes beside a Dire Boar that was rooting for mushrooms. She startles it and it attacks. Shockingly it is no normal Dire Boar, on it’s back are butterfly wings and it’s eyes stick out from it’s head and are insectoid in nature. The rest of the group converges and scares off the boar.

They come together to try and take stock. Thanks to their formidable knowledge of the planes they figure out they are on the First World. An infinite plane of wilderness and chaos. The sages back home call it a “first draft” of the real world, and say that it exists “behind” reality and not within it (like the other planes of existence). Natural Laws are incomplete, inconsistent, and ever changing here. They know it is the home of the Fey, and that the Fey can be particularly dangerous here (no fear of death). They also know getting into and out of the First World is extraordinarily difficult, requiring very powerful magics or an area where the fabric between worlds has grown thin.

The group cobble together some weapons. Quinn catches a strange pike. Only Scotia bothers to weave some clothing. Adal makes a pouch for some stones. Caelan and Wan-Fu are horrified to discover they have no (or little) connection with their god.

The strangeness of the land begins to become obvious. There is no sun, yet it is bright and warm. There is no day/night cycle, night falls instantly and only lasts 10-90 minutes. Fireflies fly over in the shape of constellations. An ocean worth of rain pounds down, but nothing gets wet (only sound and sight). Only forest (of insanely tall trees) can be seen in every direction. Etc, etc.

After some time they start on their way, hoping to find something. They travel along a dried stream bed for over a week, collecting food along the way. Thankfully Wan-Fu keeps them hydrated with Create Water. Eventually they come to the top of a cliff thousands of feet tall, they turn and travel a few days to discover a field of grass that is razor sharp. Scotia sets it ablaze, the entire field (many miles wide) goes up in mere minutes leaving only ash. The group follows the field then head back towards the dried stream bed.

Along the way the encounter and battle many strange creatures. Nothing is “normal” here. Deer with “switch blade” antlers, a wolf made of living stone (they give it a deer and it leaves), tree frogs made of dense wood, high speed Violet Fungi, an extremely horny Satyr (who bursts into camp sniffing the air and saying “Give me your women!”), a giant stag beetle with a glowing gland on it’s head (and it’s babies), etc.

The game ends when the group realizes they cannot find the stream bed again, despite careful mapping. Obviously the land itself can transform in their wake.

Confused and perplexed the group ends almost two weeks (they think) of travel no further ahead than when they got there. Their thoughts are with Innisfree, and with their friends and family back home. In a land of infinite chaotic wilderness, where does one go?



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