Sweet Home Innisfree

Desnus 11th, 4716 – Neth 10th, 4717

This session was very much a meta-game session, we quickly skipped through the journey home and then went straight into a long session of kingdom building.

On the journey home:

  • Quinn performs for the Pharaoh of Osirion, unfortunately it is a forgettable performance.
  • In Absalom the group meets with the Pathfinders, visits the Great Library, advertise the kingdom and Scotia’s new school, Scotia buys some books, and research the River Kingdoms. They also talk to a sage about Starhold Prison and the shard they found in the Mwangi Expanse. The sage tells them that both are artifacts of the Mercane, an inter-planar and inter-stellar race of magic merchants who haven’t been seen on Golarion in many centuries. Though there is much scholarly debate around these topics it is believed that the prison was buried by a less reputable mercane merchant house to bury their mistake; also it is believed that the shard is a later mercane artifact which is designed to negate plane shifting and teleportation. While much more study is needed the group is told that the shard might be able to be used to shut down the prison.
  • In Almas Quinn’s investigations into his parent’s past bears fruit. He wasn’t able to find out anything about his father, but he does learn about his mom. She was part of an adventuring group consisting of 3 people (Fara Laduren an air sorceress from Cheliax, Harn Jorun a barbarian from the lands of the linnorn kings, and Pendra Polpopinger a gnomish rogue from Cheliax). They were a typical adventuring party that adventured in the Andoran, Taldor, and Qadira regions. Their final mission involved trying to uncover a cult, something about “Lurker on the Threshold”. Quinn is also told that his investigator accidentally reported some of this information to a man who looks exactly like him and goes by the name of Crevan the Gray Fox.
  • In Kyonin the group meets with Adal’s father. They find out he is a high ranking ranger in Kyonin’s defense force fighting the forces of the Tanglebriar near the town of Arabrecht. It was he who arranged the shipment of bows to Innisfree. He does what he can to keep tabs on Innisfree from afar. Wan-Fu also meets with his family.

The group finally gets home near the end of Lamashan 4716, almost a full year since they left for their epic journey to the South. A lot has happened in the past year:

  • Verina Chanistasta is in prison for assault and murder. She did not take the news of Kesten Garess’ death well and when she overheard a racist loudmouth woodsman insult both her and her former lover she went berserk. In the end the woodsman (Jeremy) was dead. The council decides to wait and sentence her later, perhaps a quest to redeem herself.
  • The Bronze Dragon Colette Desmarais spent a few weeks in Innisfree before moving on. The kingdom was just not yet ready to host someone of her taste and refinement. She left an address in Cassomir, Taldor.
  • The first annual Eel Festival was a rousing success (bringing in a lot of money to the kingdom). The winner was Tyg-Titter-Tut’s team of herself, Pervilash, and Munguk. Half the winnings were spent on whiskey and lentils, the other half on paint and a paint brush. Noone knows where Tyg got the entry fee in the first place.
  • Iola’s group has set up a Noble’s Villa and begun planting their vineyard a few miles SE of Deepwater.
  • The Mivonian Tinker Alex Greenbough has moved his family up to Guiness from Mivon. Oleg authorized a start up loan, a house and exotic craftsman was set up in Guiness.
  • In Deepwater 2 tenements, 3 houses, and a black market were created. (The black market is still a bit of an open secret, many people know of it and many don’t.)
  • Two professors from Liberthane have moved to Deepwater to work at the academy (one of political philosophy and the other of military history); also a small group of Andoren halflings have moved into Stagholm.
  • The Hydras have grown up and their trainer begs for better housing for them. While trained they are still aggressive and ravenous.
  • Reported to Quinn and Scotia only: Mr Hammer and Castiel tell them that a homegrown crime guild has sprung up in Innisfree. It is called the Silent Order and led by someone known as the Faceless Man. They have been keeping tabs on this guild but have not done anything about it. Crime has actually gone down and the guild has done much to keep other influences from the River Kingdoms at bay. Mr Hammer and Castiel leave it to Quinn and Scotia to tell the Duke or not (and they don’t).
  • Also reported to Quinn and Scotia: Everyone but the Pharasmites are serious creeped out by the Queen-to-be. When close to Torri malevolent voices and sounds can be heard, small objects seemingly move on their own often in an aggressive manner, and once a piece of chalk wrote the word “KILL” while she was with some commoner children. Most people now avoid her.
  • There was also a series of kingdom events that happened over the past year. These include: gift of food from Sootscales, Disease in Deepwater, silver mine playing out, unrest due to group’s absence (Grigori soothes the masses), more disease in the overcrowded Deepwater, and an extremely generous gift from Rolgrimmdur (masterwork armor for the army).

After all this exposition the group is finally able to get down to the business of kingdom building. Many long and raucous council meetings happen over the following months.

  • Three new council positions are created. Chief Justice: Fadil Ebe is given this honor and begins drafting the “Laws of Innisfree”. Economic Advisor: Iola Voralius takes this role and begins advising, as well as being mentored by, Oleg. And Head of the Royal Guard: Wan-Fu takes on this role and is responsible for the security of the Duke and Castle Tusk.
  • Innisfree expands in all directions. Many farms, camps, roads and bridges are built.
  • In Deepwater: a new city district, school, water tower, some houses, and a market.
  • In Guinness: a smithy, school, monument to the workers (after industrial accident event at gold mine), water tower, and an arena (houses Hydra when not being used).
  • In Stagholm: a smithy, school, water tower, and monument to the faithful (Erastil).
  • Kingdom events include: bad weather, “leaders are made not born” (free leadership feat for council members), industrial accident at the gold mine, a growing sentiment to get rid of the Sootscales now that they aren’t producing silver, food surpluses, an economic boom, and the return of your old friend Guglielmo the Janni.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, on Archer’s Day (Erastus 3rd) 4717 Duke Caelan McCallan takes Torri to become his Duchess. While few approve of his choice of brides, it is a joyous occasion. Dignitaries from far and wide attend the event. The wedding happens at the Temple of the Stag in Stagholm. Also wrapped up in this event is the unveiling of monument to the faithful as well as a ceremony performed by an Absalonian wizard (paid out of the treasury) whereby the Duke and Duchess now have a permanent telepathic bond between each other.



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