The Discovery of the Ghost Stone

Desnus 6th – 17th, 4719

The session begins as the party deals with the aftermath of previous events. Iola is dead and they have captured 4 Spriggans.

Through the faith of Wan-fu and the mercy of Erastil Iola is brought back to life and healed at the town’s temple to Old Deadeye. A scroll of Raise Dead found at the temple is used for this.

Luckily for the group one of the spriggans (the formerly drunk one) spills the beans, much to the annoyance of the other survivors. Unfortunately he doesn’t really know that much. He tells the group that his tribe (the Culcheck tribe) came down from the mountains to discover Varnhold already empty. He tells them of a fearsome tribe of centaurs that roam the plains, and that the impressive bow discovered amongst the loot was stolen from the centaurs some time ago. Finally, he speaks of a haunted place a few days to the south, a grey stone pillar and the surrounding area that is infested by spirits.

Mercifully the group releases the one who snitched first, giving him a good head start before releasing the others.

After dealing with the prisoners the group decides to explore the town more fully (this also gives Iola more time to recover). Again, the town is completely deserted. The one unexpected discovery was the stretched and tanned hides of what looks like a horse, closer inspection reveals it is actually the hide of a centaur!

The group strikes out South from Varnhold, following the edge of the Tors of Levenies mountain range. They discover the former home of the Culcheck tribe, the trio of spriggans released together from Varnhold are found here. After a brief conversation the group continues on.

They continue to explore the foothills heading South. One night Scotia is plagued with horrible nightmares. The next day the group comes across an extremely peculiar sight. A bounding stag which appears to be leaping up through the ground then landing back underground. As it nears it stops leaping, staying under the surface. Rising up amongst the group is a twisted stag creature, it’s appearance a horrid corruption of Erastilian imagery. Scotia is shocked to recognize the horror from her nightmare the night before. After a tough battle the animate dream is dispatched.

They continue on, at night the group begins to notice a faint white glow on the side of a mountain. They make their way toward it. Along the way they are approached by a strange woman hidden in a copse of high bushes. She says her name is Zzamas. Only her face is visible initially and she speaks in a strange buzzing voice. She asks the group for help, she wants to return home. She offers a reward (a fancy chest) if they can help. They ask her to come out from the bushes, she does so reluctantly revealing herself to be a phase spider! She explains that she inadvertently came to this world from the ethereal plane through the Spirit Stone (which coexists on both planes). Once through she was chased off by a group of Xill that has set up camp around the stone.

The group agrees. They approach the area to discover a large group of Xill obviously enjoying some sort of intoxication which they derive from the stone itself. The group easily dispatches the group of addicts (thanks to some handy fireballs and well placed sneak attacks). Zzamas immediately makes for the stone, disappearing into it, before the fight is even finished. However, true to her word, she returns some time later with the promised chest (along with the treasure it contains). She thanks the group and returns to the ethereal.

The game concludes with the group heading NE for some exploration and in hopes of finding the Nomen Centaur Tribe.



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