The Duke is Dead, Long Live the Duke

Gozran 8th – Desnus 5th, 4719

(Quick retcon: It is established that Caelan’s son has had his naming ceremony and that the child’s name is Dannon.)

The group readies themselves for their trip to Varnhold. While doing so they learn of a few more possible jobs/missions they might accomplish during their trip. First, a local aristocrat named Edrist Hanvaki has a brother who is overdue from returning from Varnhold. Edrist offers a reward for Tomin’s safe return or at least to learn the fate of his brother. Second, the chef at the Duck and Wagon (Jamery Gerbaskin) wants an undamaged Roc egg. If he gets one he will organize an omelette cooking competition in Innisfree.

The group decides to travel cross country to Varnhold so that they may do some exploration along the way. Along the way they have various encounters: a group of Worgs, a young Silver Dragon who is searching for an elder of his species in the area, and some very shy Grigs who live along the banks of Silverstep Loch (the Grigs seemed preoccupied by finding out whether Tyg-Titter-Tut sent the group or not).

One devastating encounter involves a band of 4 Cyclops. The two groups saw each other from a distance. As the group approached to talk with them the Cyclops were setting up a hasty ambush. As the group crested a hill the giants opened fire with crossbows and the battle was on. The first moments of melee were swift and brutal as the Cyclops charged with their greataxes. Within seconds the Duke was slain, dead before he hit the ground. The battle resumed and the group is victorious.

Wasting no time the group makes haste back to Innisfree (sending the silver raven ahead of them with orders). They decide to make for Iola’s estate. They worried that if it was known that the Duke was slain there would be panic; Quinn, through magic and mimicry, impersonates the Duke for the trip to keep up the facade. The arrive to find the Queen and High Priest awaiting them. After some tense hours Caelan is brought back to life through the power of Jhod’s prayers. Everyone is extremely relieved, in particular Jhod who became quite emotional afterward. The Duke spends some quality time with his wife and son before the group is off again.

They find an abandoned, but newly built, tower in Varnhold Pass. In heavy rain they arrive at the town of Varnhold. The place seems utterly abandoned except for the crows. They explore a pig farmers property (and fight the starving boar hidden in the barn) and cross the river by the natural ford (and have a difficult fight with the Chuul that has set up shop there).

The game concludes as the group approaches the town’s inn.



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