Welcome to the Jungle

Gozran 11th – Desnus 11th, 4716

The adventure begins with the group trekking across the desolate Kho-Rarme Pass. It is two weeks of heat, sandstorms, and slow travel. Along the way they are at times guided by a flame in the distance; also they come across a massive dead Behir killed within the last few days. As the group leaves the pass they see a majestic phoenix flying back North.

Beyond the pass is a hilly land, which gradually transitions from arid to lush to full jungle. The group comes across a local who is moving some cattle. Thankfully Iola knows Polyglot and is able to communicate with him. He tells them how to get to the village of Ombassa.

The group quickly finds Tophran (the Chelaxian man mentioned in Faramore’s letter) who turns out to be an outfitter for those heading into the jungle. They find out Faramore is overdue by weeks, and believed to be dead. The group explains the situation (that Faramore’s brother Roland is dead) and convinces Tophran to give them the directions to the temple. He does so, sells them some survival gear, and arranges a boat and boatman (his brother-in-law) to take them down the river.

The group travel down river. They are attacked by a couple of Girallon’s (and are watched by a huge silverback girallon from the jungle). After a few days they head into the jungle. They have to deal with the hazards of the jungle (disease, quicksand, poisonous plants, aggressive insects). When they are close to the temple the draw out the Bulette they know is around (so they won’t have to deal with it later). They kill the creature (along with a troublesome poop-slinging monkey).

The next day they head to the temple. They are immediately attacked by the dark-elves that inhabit the place. There is a long running battle against: drow, 2 hill giants, and a drider sorcerer and his barghest companion. They find a key to get into the inner temple.

The inner temple appears to be a room within an alien landscape. The floor has been shattered and is now a series of islands surrounded by strange mist. They see an altar to Erastil across the room, it is in the shape of a stag’s head with expansive antlers.

Thanks to an inspired moment by Wan-fu (praise Erastil!) the group immediately figures out there is an invisible bridge across the room. The group fairly easily dispatches of the drow and human warrior (in red dragon style armor) protecting the room.

They find that a large crystal with alien lettering carved into it rests in the antlers of the altar. The lettering is similar to those found at Starhold Prison. They take the crystal (finding out it won’t go into a bag of holding). As they head back out into the main gallery they see the spirit of Eugene, now at peace. He bows to them then disappears.

They loot the area and then finally…finally…head for home.



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