Akiros Ismort

Ex-paladin of Erastil and reformed bandit


Akiros was an ex-paladin of Erastil who had reached rock bottom. When the group first met him he was a bandit working for the Stag Lord. Akiros had done some soul searching and had come to the conclusion he was not going to die a bandit. He helped the group with their assault on the fort.

Since that day Akiros has undergone rehabilitation at the Temple of the Elk under the eye of Jhod. He seems to have cooled the fire that burned within him and is now a follower of Old Deadeye once again.

After the attack on Deepwater by the giant owlbear, and the death of Kesten Garess, Akiros was promoted to the Warden of Innisfree. A couple of months later, with the death of Eugene Lockwood, Akiros was offered the Royal Assassin role (i.e. executioner). He accepted enthusiastically.

Akiros Ismort

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