Eugene McCoy Lockwood

Blind Dwarf monk who is now dead


Eugene McCoy Lockwood was born and raised by his loving dwarvin family. He has 5 brothers and sister who played together vigorously. Games like hide and seek, kick the goblin head and of courses toss the dwarf.
In his 10th summer during and intense game of hide and seek Eugene came across a very unique hiding place in the mountain. AS he crawled into the small cave he could hear his brothers and sisters trying to seek him out but oh he could hide very well for his age. He could hear his brother getting near so he pushed himself tight against the cave wall hoping to remain unseen a little longer. Eugene began to hear popping and cracking sound, it sounded like popping of rats bellies on the stove when mother was making her famous rats pies. Eugene still had no idea what the sound was but now he was very hungry. That is it he decided I’m goanna give up and go see what’s on for lunch. AS he’s brother peeked into the cave Eugene smiled and said “I give up lets go eat” .A crack so load that it deafened poor Eugene rang out from where his back was so tightly pressed . The rear of the cave let looses and Eugene tumbled backwards into the unknown Darkness.
AS Eugene came to there was an intense light on his face like nothing he had ever felt. When his eyes finally adjusted he was frozen with terror. The light was the sun and he had fallen out of the bloody mountain. He had never been out of the mountain before children so young where not allowed till at least there 20th summer. AS the fear left him Eugene did what most boys at his age he went exploring, there where trees grass bushes and animals he had never seen before.
After a few hours of exploring Eugene was still hungry for mother’s pie. So he decided he would find his way home, he came across a trail well used and from tracks he gathered it would be dwarves. He walked along what Eugene gathered as the same direction as the mountain. After a few hours it started to get late but he could see the entrance to the mountain. He started to jog a little from the excitement. He could see two guards at the entrance it was his uncles Victor and Samuel!! Eugene would get back with his mother none the wiser. AS he got about 100 feet he started to wave, his uncles jaws dropped. Eugene could only chuckle as his uncles ran towards him thinking of how great the story would be around the supper table. But his uncles kept yelling waving their arms and running but Eugene still had not recover his hearing fully since the fall.
In front of Eugene small serpent one of the likes Eugene had never seen before. It looked amazing it had colors like blue and pink and green. Eugene leaned in to inspect this amazing specimen. The serpent curled and struck Eugene in the for head> the young Dwarvin boy screamed > His uncle Victor killed the snake and Uncle Samuel scooped up Eugene and the ran as quickly as they could to the cleric
The bite never killed Eugene McCoy Lockwood but it did maim him for 15 summers he never played hide and seek due to the high fevers and the sickness. Eugene’s hair fell out never to grow back again and he would always be ill and look sickly. But that never stopped his parents from loving him. His father was a brewer so while his brothers and sisters played there hide and seek Eugene learned to brew because he was curios.
Eugene never forgot about the wonders he had seen outside or the dangers. On his 38th summer against the head clerics advice Eugene bribed conned and basically charmed his way on to the yearly caravan to the human city to trade for goods. To young and frail to be much help he still helped when he could and made it to the human town but on the way he caught a deathly cold. He was taken to a healer or a hermit. There Eugene stayed and missed all the wonders of the town. He didn’t care if he lived or died he just wanted to see it all but when the caravan needed to set off home he was still too sick to move. There was a panic from the dwarfs as when to do. The hermit said he would look after Eugene till they returned in the spring and if he survived he would return Eugene to them for a small compensation.
When the Caravan arrived in the spring they pulled up to the hermit’s cottage only to be greeted with a table of Ale and food that Eugene had brewed over the long winter. Eugene McCoy Lockwood Looked like a different Dwarf, he was bald and only wore a monks outfit but had a grin a mile long, He still borne the scare of the serpent bite but wore it like a badge of honor and not shame. After the summer of trading when they were all loading up Eugene handed his uncle Hamish a letter and told them he would not be returning with them and to give his mother the letter. He had found a place among the world of me and was going to go exploring a new land.
That night Eugene packed what little he had or needed into his pack. AS he turned the old hermit was standing in front of Eugene grinning, the hermit Whom Eugene had never did learn his real name Eugene said” Master I leave now thank you for teaching me and helping my soul to heal”
The old hermit chuckled and took a swig of ale said” Lock my boy you have the heart of a lion and the curiosity of a cat!!” The masters works where always riddled when he drank, Lock smiled the old hermit handed Lock a scroll” this will help you in your studies he who carries the mark of the serpent”. There was a knock at the door “ He who does not answer the call of destiny can never say I already gave at the office, heehaw”
Lock got up and opened the door and thought destiny awaits

Update: After many brave adventures and heroic deeds Eugene Lockwood, Hangman of Innisfree, finally met his fate on the 16th of Desnus 4715 at the hands of a lizardfolk warrior in Candlemere Tower.

Eugene McCoy Lockwood

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