Galford O'brian

Galford was a summoner


Galford O’Brian

The O’Brian family on a whole was and is a conman’s family. A family that cons together eats together. Galford was a half –elf who grew up with his half brother Gregory O’Brian (human) their mother Greta O’Brian (human). Galford never met his father but was always told he it was part of con that went wrong. Galford was very well educated in languages as the family traveled many places and lands with different cultures and customs .Galford at a very young age found out he could summon small creatures. His mother and brother used this to further the family’s con game. These lead too many good years for them of wealth and fame but fame can be a good thing or a very bad thing for a family of cons. While in Osirion in the city of Sorthis the families con went bad and Greta was hanged in the streets for it and the two boys’ barley escaped with their lives. They made their way back to Brevoy. Galford was only 14 at the time.

On their very first con back in Brevoy of a very wealthy wizard they had coned the old fool out of a lot on gold. Galford was on his way back to the inn to meet his brother and head out of town. When he arrived at the room all that was left on the bed was a note that read “sorry it had to be one of us”. Galford panicked but as he turned the door burst open and it was the city guard was on him
The Brevoy prisons are as harsh as its winter or even more so. Galford received life in prison for the con, it was better than being hanged as his mother was. But Galford from his mothers training found even a place among them. He was very well like by the guards and the prisoners. Soon he was living comfortably among them. This allowed him to do his studies in peace and learn more on his gift when he turned 16 he summoned a creature that had no form and bonded with the boy. This would be his pet or servant. As his time grew in prison so did his summoning power. He was living better on the inside then any commoner on the outside. He started to organize the jail and start to speech on behalf of the prisoners of their needs and wants to the keepers of the jails (for a small percentage)
The jailer first ignored Galford and his requests but after several mysterious accidents to the wardens and other guards Gal fords requests where heard. Soon the prison was eating out of his hands nothing was refused but on a positive note there was no escapes or deaths in the prison for the whole year. And in the end the jailers and their superiors and no idea how to handle Galford so in the end on his 18th birthday that pardoned him and sent him on his way. They even where kind enough to provide the where abouts of his brother Gregory he was living as a union boss in a place called “innosfree”
Come Gijin my friend lets go say hi to my brother.
Update: After a brief stint with the heroes of Innisfree Galford was killed during a chaotic battle with goblins on Neth 27th, 4715.

Galford O'brian

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