Kesten Garess

Former Warden of Innisfree


Kesten Garess and his unit of 3 fresh recruits were soldiers from Restov. They responded to Oleg’s calls for help and provided security for Oleg’s and the early settlers.

Kesten Garess himself initially appeared to be overly confident in his abilities, to the point of egomania. It has since been revealed that this was his ham-fisted way of impressing Caelan and the party in order for him to secure a new beginning in a new kingdom.

Kesten Garess currently serves Innisfree as Warden, organizing kingdom defense and the city guard.

Update: Kesten Garess, after serving the kingdom loyally for over 3 years as her Warden and Captain of the City Watch, was killed on Gozran 23rd 4715 while defending the city from a giant owlbear attack. He was one of the early believers in the vision of Innisfree and was always a staunch supporter of the ruler Caelan McCallan.

Kesten Garess

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