Pandora Lockwood

Eugene's sister and the head of mining operations in Innisfree


Pandora Lockwood is a flighty and naive young dwarf who is unlucky in love. She was among the early settlers at Oleg’s having followed a Gnome whom she had fallen in love with as far as Restov before she was dumped. She was sent out with the other rejected immigrants to Oleg’s where she was thankful to find her brother.

In the Autumn of 4713 she caused a public scandal by having an affair with a married commoner then tried to use her brother’s position as public executioner to cover it up. It eventually came to light causing damage to her and her brother’s reputation, the image of dwarves within the kingdom, and her relationship with her brother.

Despite her youthful exuberance she is a highly skilled stoneworker and miner. Her contribution to Innisfree (particularly in the areas of mining and large public works) during it’s first few years has been invaluable.

In the Summer of 4713 she converted to Shelyn.

Pandora Lockwood

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