Elven warrior/cleric of Eristil


Evlen blade

Wan-fu Mongethai . Was born in the Elven town of Riverspire Kyonin. He is the only son of Captain Kevian and His mother Shar-teel . He has two older sisters named Viconia and Safana. Wan-fu’s father, Captain Kevian, is captain of the north western defense of the cicatrix. He is a proud Elf keeping the demonic minions of Treerazor in check and other nastiness out of the Fierani forests. Kevian’s tactical and his many battles have gathered much respect among his fellow elves. Wan-fu’s mother, Shar-teel, At one time was a very high priestess of Calistria but gave it up to raises a family and a home with Kevian. This caused quit a scandal at the time and priestess of such status consorting with a lowly private (kevian was a private at the time) in the military. It was believed that the gods had cursed Kevian and Shar-teel for their love they only had female offspring, but after a hundred years of trying Shar-teel bore him a son. They named Him Wan-fu and was a strong a virile son. AS wan-fu’s parents raised him in the traditional Elven values but also raised him with new one that helped shape the elf he would grow up to be. His mother raised him to be tolerable to the other races and even forced wan-fu to play with human and gnome children. This was frowned on upon the other elves but it only made Shar-Teel smile. As he grew his father would take him to the front defense lines and show him the destruction of precious forest caused by Treerazor.

Wan-fu found the calling of Erastil, though it was not a traditional Elven god. So wan-fu worshipped him in secret as not to upset his parents. When wan-fu became of age he came into his room to find a suit of armor and sword and shield on his bed. It had the insignia of his father’s platoon. His father came barging in and with a wide proud smile said “this is your new attire, will you join me in the defense of Kyonin!?”
Wan-fu stood there in silent for a long time with the Elven chain in his hands. He then let it slip through his fingers and to the floor and said” I am sorry father that is your calling not mine, mine is elsewhere” His father’s smile fell from his face and his pride stabbed deep by a weapon more sharp then any of the demons that he defended against. His father left the room without a word. Wan-fu wanted to tell his father of Erastil or the wander lust he had in his heart to see the rest of the world but could not bear to hurt his father anymore.
Wan-fu decided that he should leave as not to disgrace his family anymore that he had already had. The village would all know by tomorrow that he had rejected his father’s ways. He packed quickly and snuck out very late at night as to make a clean get away. As he reached the end of the village He heard a voice in front of him from the darkness “leaving so soon my child”. Wan-fu jumped in surprise. His mother came into the light. In a very calming voice” What are you running from? What enemy chases you my son?”
“I do not wish to shame my family anymore than I have” wan-fu said with his head held low
“My son, you are our son you can never bring us shame. Your path is yours to follow and you will always bring us joy and happiness in whatever you do. Now come back home tell your father of your dreams of adventure and me of your god Erastil.”
Wan-fu’s mouth dropped in awe” you know of my god?”
Shar-teel chuckled and took her sons arm” just because I’m not a high priestess anymore doesn’t mean I don’t talk to my god anymore my child. Let’s go home.”
In the morning Wan-fu told his father of his dreams and lust to venture out of there realm and of Erastil. Kevian stood in front of wan-fu quit and gazing deep into his eyes finally his father spoke “good but you will not go out into the realm without training. Come with me” Kevian took his soon deep into the woods till they came upon a great oak. The old tree looked great but Wan-fu sensed a sadness around the great oak and could see a sadness in his father eyes .Kevian started to dig at an old oak tree till about an hour later he brought up a sack and dumped the contents on the ground an ancient Elven blade rusted and pitted hit the ground . His father picked it up with great respect and swung the blade and talked “this was your uncles, my brother he too had the wander lust. He was shunned and banished from our realm for wanting to mingle with the humans. He wandered the world for many years but never returned to his home land. When he died in battle his body was forbidden to even be buried in Kyonin lands but that was then and times have to change and must change. We as a people have to change and work with the other races or we will soon rust as this blade and become relics of the past. Wan-fu you are the future and have a great task ahead of you, you must show the world that we are not mysteries or to be feared but a race that can be trusted and coexist with. When you leave you will leave in the light for all to see” He handed the Elven blade over to wan-fu. “You will train with me and work in the platoon for 2 years after 2 years you can leave this realm with my blessing”
For two years wan-fu trained and fought in his father’s platoon, Mastering the blade and responsibilities that came with it. Wan-fu was admired and loved by the other elves in the platoon .After 2 years to the day his father released him from the army and sent wan-fu on this way. As wan-fu packed his belongings there was commotion and arguing among the elders and his parents about how it was not there ways to mingle with outsiders and respecting the old ways. In the end the elders gave way to the newer ways of the world. His father gave him a heroes send off out of town but at the edge of town his father stopped and said “This is as far as I go we may never see each other again but remember I have been and always will be proud of you my son” Kevian turned on his heel and walk away from his son.
Wan-fu traveled alone to the boarders of the Elven realm. No other elf looked at him or acknowledged his presence. Wan-fu understood that these elves are content never to leave there realm and only very few venture out into the world. At the border at night he seen there was a fire light and a stew cooking. When he entered the camp he found his mother and 2 sisters had prepared a good-bye meal for him. Two old sisters now tenders of the forest (druids) gave Wan-fu a breast plate with the insignia of Erisal big and bright upon it. His mother spoke “your sisters and I have brought you this so your heart maybe protected from the cruel world and your gods light may guide you in hard times. Wear it proudly and wear it well” Wan-Fu visited and talked knowing it maybe the last time he ever sees them again. Wan-fu awoke in the morning and his family was gone. He gathered his strength and walked out into the world of man.

Wan-fu fought in many battles the most resent was for mivoy against the defilers of the forest “the red hand” He fought well and with his gods powers helping him he slayed many hobgoblins even a troll. But after the war the people and the politics of mivoy did not sit well with Wan-fu so he set off to find more adventure and people to meet.

Wan- was heading to Galt a war torn country to see where Erastil would lead him when he was fell upon a cleaver trap laid by goblins. He was captured and awoke swinging from a rope upside down over a boiling pot. Wan-fu was very embarrassed and surprised his life end up as elf pudding. He prayed to Erastil to help guild him out of this predicament. His payers where answered when he was cut down my band of adventures and the leader carried a symbol of Erastil. Wan-fu knew where Erastil wished him to go.


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