Traveling through Osirion

Pharast 20th – Gozran 11th, 4716

The game opens with the captives of the gnolls reaching Caelan and Jean who are defending the cave leading into the former giant scorpion nest. Caelan falls defending these people against a giant scorpion, thankfully Jean finishes the creature off and bandage up his mentor. Wan-fu finds them, heals Caelan up, and tells Caelan that he is tapped and that he will take over defending the cave. He tells Caelan where to find the group.

The group finishes exploring the fortress of the (now deceased) Laughing Marauder. Iola picks the locks to the chained off area. Inside they discover a greater shadow (which almost one-shot’s General Quinn!) and defeat it. The area is mostly collapsed, though they do find a fountain with a Decanter of Endless Water built into it…which of course they loot. The only other thing they find in this area is an ancient statue of the god Nethys.

They make their way back to An. A group of gnolls catch up. Speaking with Iola they tell her that the new alpha is happy the Laughing Marauder is dead. They offer Iola a nice sword if she and the group don’t tell the humans in An where their town is. She agrees (lying) and off they go.

The group makes it back to town. The “leader” of the captives, Dendera Ebe, invites the group to her house that night. The group drops off the remaining captive to city officials and make their way to Dendera’s house.

When there they find out Dendera and her household (her husband Fadil, her daughter Habibah, and six slaves) are extremely appreciative to the group for saving Dendera. The family tells them they owe them everything and that nothing is too much to ask of them. After a long evening of conversation they encourage the family to move North to Innisfree. The skills of Dendera (a architect/engineer) and Fadil (a renowned lawyer) would be invaluable to the kingdom. And Habibah, who is a natural magic user, would be welcome in Scotia’s planned “School for the Gifted”. The family agrees, they believe the group are good and honorable and would be willing to swear allegiance. The group also discovers the family worship Sarenrae.

The group supplies up, learns about the trip, and head South. The trip to Ipeq, the southernmost major city of Osirion, is uneventful. They continue on, quickly leaving major roads and civilization behind them. They make it as far as the Slave Trenches of Hakotep, a fascinating and ancient series of earthworks built in geometric patterns and dotted with broken black obelisks. They are attacked by a massive earth/sand elemental and they destroy it.

Game concludes just as they pass the Slave Trenches, heading into the infamous Rho-Karme Pass.

Fortress of the Laughing Marauder

Pharast 20th, 4716

The group starts in the giant scorpion nest, the remains of many humans litter the ground. They continue through the cave system (killing off the baby scorpions and eggs along the way). They find a narrow side passage. The follow it and come out in a cave with 6 captives of the Laughing Marauder. A woman named Dendera Ebe speaks for the group. They discover there is a jailer nearby and they learn that the captives believe they are being held in order to be eaten by the gnolls. The group sends Dendera back to Caelan and Jean (who were keeping an eye on the scorpion cave system.)

Iola unlocks the jail cell door and the group begins exploring the fortress. They kill the jailer and some sleeping gnolls. They discover a kitchen/butcher-area/unholy altar room, it is obvious that this is where the human captives are butchered for the gnolls. The altar has a painted symbol of Lamashtu on the wall behind it.

The group has a large battle in the next room (dining area). Battered and down on resources the group decides to press forward while they still have an advantage. The group explores a bit more and then they find the throne room.

The Laughing Marauder simply says “Destroy them” from behind a curtain. The group charges forward, Wan-fu falls into a pit trap that was covered by a rug with a Lamashtu symbol. Just then a great and swirling Sand Golem enters the room from behind another curtain, it attacks.

What follows is a very challenging battle; first against the Golem and then against the Laughing Marauder along with some bodyguards and members of his harem (who were creepy gnoll women “blessed” by Lamashtu to raise as zombies when they are killed.) The group prevails (despite some Rod of Wonder fun and games) and loot the room. They find the vault and find many valuables stolen from local caravans and a magic staff.

They also find a letter leading them further on to the Mwangi Expanse!

The game ends here, the group wanting to explore a barred and chained door they had seen on the way to the throne room.

Tracking Down the Laughing Marauder

Pharast 7th – 20th, 4716

The group bids farewell to the Skipper and crew of Delores, they head into the great city of Sothis. It is a loud, smelly, crowded city of confusing streets; it is foreign and overwhelming. The first few days are spent dealing with red tape and minor bureaucrats. During these days Scotia and Iola have some fun with the local street children (culminating in the group literally having to flee the street as a mob of begging children rush toward them), Adal chats up other adventurers, Wan-fu feeds the poor and discovers some important information, and a truly inspired Quinn gives some legendary performances at the Inn the group is staying (The House of Reeds).

During these days Wan-fu finds out from a recently “retired” fighting man that the Laughing Marauder is a rough translation (Eutaicho Katai-turuq) of a bandit lord near An. The group learns that the Laughing Marauder has been hitting the main roads around An every few weeks. The bandits are careful not to target anything too big or too important and they also take the people from the caravans (again, except anyone too rich or influential). They also learn that this bandit group is made up of gnolls riding dire hyenas.

The group buys some magical desert survival supplies and walk to An. Along the way they encounter some sand burrowing Death Worms and a group of papyrus merchants. They learn from the merchants that some of the Laughing Marauder’s bandits had been captured on the last attack and that they were currently on display in An’s main square.

The party heads into An and soon finds the main square. There is only a single remaining gnoll, chained to a great stone. The gnoll (whose name is Narl) feels betrayed by the Laughing Marauder. He tells Wan-fu if the cleric can end his suffering (kill him) he will tell where the bandit’s hideout is. It is agreed. Narl gives the group a landmark in the Shining Mountains to look for, he also tells them that approaching from the East would be impossible (a gnoll town and fortifications) but that there is a cave on the West side of the mountain. The hideout is inside a mountain.

The group heads out, thanks to Adal’s wilderness skills and other’s geography skills they soon find the hideout. After seeing the gnoll town they sneak around the mountain to find the cave in the West. The see from a distance that the cave is inhabited by giant scorpions. They make their way to the cave under the cover of darkness (killing a few scorpions on the way) and get into the cave (killing more scorpions quite easily…though Iola does get into some trouble.)

The group ends the session in the cave system.

Fast Lane to Osirion

Calistril 14th – Pharast 7th, 4716

The group makes good time through the civilized land of Andoran. Traveling by foot they experience Andoran’s people and places unfiltered. They see what a large and wealthy country can be.

A couple days North of the capital of Almas the group comes across a group of soldiers (Andoren Eagle Knights) searching some wagons on the road ahead. The owner of the wagon seemed to be quite animated and was trying to stop the soldiers from taking away supposed “contraband”. A young gangly soldier on the road tries to wave the characters off. He doesn’t look quite right and is definitely not acting like a soldier. The group decides to intervene.

They ignore the soldiers warnings; the wagon owner’s pleas seem genuine (the soldiers are stealing family grape vine cuttings!) and something is definitely a bit off about these soldiers. After a display of strength and prowess the group makes it clear they are not messing around and will get to the bottom of what is going on. The leader of the soldiers very obviously has no stomach for a fight and they run off.

It is now they meet the Andoren woman Iolanestri Voralius; youngest daughter of the famous vintner Voralius family. They discover she is heading North to Innisfree to settle and begin some business ventures on behalf of her family. The group avoids telling her that they are in the ruling council of Innisfree, deciding to feel her out a bit more.

Iola, incensed by the encounter with the “soldiers”, insists she will travel back to Almas with them to report the incident to her family. They agree.

That night the group is attacked by a pair of Belker’s, demonic smoke creatures from the elemental plane of air. A shadowy figure is seen blinking away as the fight begins. Again the Duke seems to be targeted specifically. The group defeats the monsters.

They head South and soon find themselves in the metropolis of Almas, likely the largest city any of them have ever seen. Iola takes them to her family mansion. One of her elders sisters appears exasperated as Iola makes her way to the door (obviously Iola returning so soon with a “problem” was not entirely unexpected.) Her sister, after seeing her sister with a road weary group of adventurers, tries her best to get Iola to drop what has happened (Uncle says she has to quit bothering the family lawyer so much.) Iola, threatening to embarrass the family if she does not get her way, insists and as usual her sister bends.

The group is set up in the guest house (nicer by far than any house in Innisfree). Iola finally discovers who the group really are and an agreement is proposed.

They spend a few days in the city. Quinn is finally able to sew some oats and simply just be a fun-loving bard for a few days; he also sets to finding information about his parents now that he knows their real names. Scotia spends her time at Almas University speaking with various sages and professors. Adal spends time spreading the word of Innisfree among the halflings, putting up posters regarding Innisfree’s Eel festival, and speaking with other adventurers. Caelan’s time is taken up with formalizing an agreement with Iola and the Voralius family lawyer. And Wan-fu seeks out and talks with various elves around the city.

The group then sets to the task of finding passage across the Inner Sea. Of the various options they decide to travel with a lumber freighter by the name of Delores. Her captain, Skipper Hayden Sterling, is a displaced Rostlander and is very excited to have people from his distant homeland aboard. Caelan immediately befriends the crew by bringing treats and Rostish home-cooking aboard with him.

The trip to Sothis is mostly quiet, punctuated by a very dangerous battle with a juvenile Sea Serpent. The battle almost costs the newest member of the team Iola her life, but as always the heroes of Innisfree prevail.

The game concludes as Delores is sailing into the huge city of Sothis. If the group feels they’d seen strange and foreign lands thus far….they ain’t seen nothing yet!

Hearth Haven

Abadius 7th – Calistril 14th, 4716

After a night with Eugene’s father the group meets with the leader of Rolgrimmdur, General Hayla Sagginsdottir, the next day. They then spend the next month with the dwarves after the offer of Hearth Haven was offered by General Sagginsdottir. (For details see the forum thread: Visit to Rolgrimmdur.)

Hearth Haven is consummated and a formal alliance between Innisfree and Rolgrimmdur is established.

The group sets off South. There is a bit of trouble with a Chimera-Manticore crossbreed and a couple of bears, but before long they are crossing the border into Andoran. They come across a lonely frontier inn called the “Weary Ferret” and decide to spend the night.

Inside they encounter a very suspicious situation. There are only a few patrons and the bartender tries to quickly get rid of them claiming “We’re full up”. After a bit of discussion the bartender goes into the kitchen, after a short time he returns to say that some rooms have opened up. Something is obviously wrong. The barkeep and cook don’t seem to know how to run an inn, the other “patrons” just sit there, bits of broken pottery and blood stains can be seen here and there.

The group retires to their rooms to discuss the situation. In the meantime those on the main floor begin piling tables and chairs and soaking them with whiskey. (Quinn sees this as he is scouting around invisibly.) The men light the inn on fire and wait outside to ambush the group.

A battle ensues, many of the men getting away in the darkness. The inn staff is found in the burning building and rescued. The group allows them to keep any treasure claimed from the ruffians, including a massive ruby. They spend the night in the stable.

The next day they discover a group of Andoran law enforcement putting up a wanted poster. The poster depicts the men they battled the night before. They discover that these men are thieves on the run after a museum robbery in Almas. The group reports their experience with the thieves to the authorities, and let them know of the ruby now in the hands of the innkeeper.

Isarn to Rolgrimmdur

Kuthona 10th, 4715 – Abadius 7th, 4716

The game starts as the group makes their way into Isarn from the side trail the Marquis of Liberthane directed them to use. They pass through what was once a beautiful neighborhood, now burned and destroyed by 4 decades of mob hysteria. They get to the city proper and meet an old woman begging for money. She engages them in conversation, trying to suss out various bits of information. She directs them to a nearby cafe and says they should talk to the owner, Rebecca.

In the cafe Rebecca serves them coffee and a meal. Rebecca as well does her best to pry some information from the group, but they are far too wary of the situation (and rightly suspicious as to why these strangers are trying to find out so much about them). Rebecca lets them know they ought not to look like foreign warriors or adventurers and that it is safest in Galt to blend in with the locals whenever possible. She directs them to “La Maison de Metege” for some new outfits.

They follow her directions and find themselves at a very upscale clothier’s run by a Gnomish fashion designer who refers to himself as “The Great Metege”. One last attempt at finding out information from the characters is made, they again dodge this inquisition. Seeing a mob listening to a speech made from near a guillotine they then begin to make their way out of town looking more Galtish (though some just decided to throw a cloak over themselves, weapons and armor still pretty evident…not suspicious at all…DM is very happy he didn’t roll an encounter in Isarn. lol)

The group decides that walking would be the easiest way to get across Galt, they begin their journey South to Woodsedge. Travelling across Galt they encounter “Rouge Robere”. They learn from Jean that this man is famous in these parts for robbing from travellers and giving the proceeds to the local common folk. Rouge Robere makes a very convincing and impassioned plea as to why the people need 2000 gold pieces. As he puts it, with the politicians distracted with trying to appeal to the mob and law enforcement more concerned with rooting out “enemies” of the rebellion there is no one else who will look after the common rural folk. They bargain him down to 1000 gp and are on their way; they are unimpressed by the thuggery but genuinely concerned about the people.

They pass a group of soldiers with no problem. Closer to Woodsedge they are ambushed at night by a trio of shadows, all three seem intent on killing Caelan. The group destroy them. In the morning a single set of humanoid footprints can be seen in a muddy patch near the campsite, no tracks leading too or from it.

The group passes through Woodsedge and crosses the Sellen River by ferry. The travel the next few weeks along the eastern foothills of the Five Kings Mountains. They are attacked by giant rock chameleons and a pair of hill giants in two separate encounters. The latter encounter being a bit of a problem given the giants’ superior position (they were set up in ambush), but the battle ended dramatically as Adal and Wonfu decimated the giants with stunning efficiency (critical hits).

The group arrives at the dwarven city of Rolgrimmdur. Rolgrimmdur is Eugene’s home town and the place where a majority of Innisfree’s dwarves come from. They find out it is a city whose economy is based on military production and training. Weapons and armor smiths abound, siege weaponry is being produced, mercenary companies stand ready, and a famed military college is housed here. While Rolgrimmdur itself is a peaceful city, they know what they are good at.

The group quickly tracks down Eugene’s father at the Lockwood Brewery. Eugene’s father, Glanoril, and Quinn are shocked to discover they have met before. (Glanoril was one of the dwarven brewers mentioned in Quinn’s backstory.) Glanoril tells his story.

A keg of special Lockwood Mushroom Stout (the darkest, thickest beer known to exist on Golarion) is given to the Duke, a gift from Glanoril for all Innisfree has done for his family. The duke shares this brew with Glanoril and tells the old dwarf of the last years of Eugene’s life.

It is discovered that the dwarves of Rolgrimmdur are very interested in the new Duchy of Innisfree; also they are keenly wishing it success.

Making Friends

Neth 27th – Kuthona 10th, 4715

(Slight Retcon) As the group explores the goblin cave the come across an elf tied to a spit near a fire. Beside him is a goblin picture book which details how to make elf pudding. The group frees the elf and tends to his wounds. They discover his name is Wonfu and he is a warrior-priest of Erastil. In return for saving him he asks if he could travel with the group and aid them on their quest. It is agreed to.

After creating a cairn for Galford, visible from both river and road, they say some prayers over him and are on their way.

A few days down river the boatman is forced to make camp early to do some simple repairs to his boat. They land in a heavily forested area, a long way from any civilized area. The group discovers that they have camped near an old forgotten cemetery. Tombstones and tombs dot the forest landscape and foul odor is detected. The group, knowing there is going to be trouble, head into the area. They do battle with a pack of ghasts, defeating them convincingly.

A day later the boatman lets the group off and they begin by foot towards the city of Isarn. While travelling the plains of the southern River Kingdoms the group is attacked by a ferocious bulette as they were resting. After a tough battle they defeat the creature, Wonfu immediately unleashes some positive energy to heal the group. The land-shark gets back to its feet (as it was in the area of effect) and the fight is back on…though only briefly. The group kills it again. The next day they skin the massive creature, they take its hide and claws.

As they begin travelling again they are spotted by some local farmers who seem to be very excited. They discover the bulette had been plaguing this land for almost a month, many farmers and their livestock had been killed. They also learn there is a reward for killing the creature. After a night of meals and celebration with a number of the local farmers the group continue on to the city of Liberthane, the last River Kingdom settlement before the border of Galt.

At Liberthane they are given a heroes welcome. They are taken to see the Marquis de Liberthane Girault Rousseau. He gives them the 15,000gp reward and welcomes them to his city. Caelan and Girault have a lengthy meeting and discover that despite their differences they have much in common. Girault is an aristocrat through and through while Caelan is always focused on the common folk, yet both want peace, order, security, and opportunity for their people. The solid foundation of a friendship is fostered during the group’s few days here.

As they explore and speak with it’s people the group discovers Liberthane is a place of learning and ideas, but at the same time a place ready for battle. Liberthane is a place for the old ideals of Galt; a throwback to the glory days of that once great country. Because of this however they live in fear that the mob-mind of Galt will one day focus it’s attention northward towards them. Their army is well trained and ready for the worst.

The Marquis tells the group that they will face a lot of hassle if they take the main road South. He tells them of a small side road that weaves through a small stretch of forest near the village of Vonda then comes out into a “safe” area of Isarn. He also gives them the name of a river captain that can be trusted. The group thank him and are on their way. On their way out a young man rushes forward and asks the Duke if he could be his squire. A brief interview is given and Caelan agrees. Jean DeArgent is now Caelan’s squire.

The group takes the side road, and as promised they are able to cross the border without a problem. In fact they don’t meet many other travelers at all along this route. As they get close to the village of Vonda they hear ahead of them the baying of hounds and the shouts of an angry mob. They also hear something even closer crashing through the forest, something big. The group readies themselves.

They are shocked to see breaking through the brush a severely wounded bronze colored dragon. It’s right wing is broken and dragging behind it. As the creature sees them standing in its way it collapses to the ground, expecting a certain death. Instead the group quickly move to protect the dragon. The mob comes closer then releases their hounds. Despite the group’s warnings and threats the mob is determined that they will kill the dragon. The fight is on.

After a fairly difficult fight (Galtan soldiers and peasants are an experienced and tough lot) the group prevails. They heal themselves up and then the dragon.

When the dragon finally comes to she thanks them for saving her and apologizes for not being able to reward them as she once could have done. They find out her name is Colette Desmarais. She is a bronze dragon who has lived as a human for many decades. She had come to love Galt back in its glory days of sophistication. She had lived as a wealthy socialite and philanthropist in the capital of Isarn until the revolution then moved out to her vineyard near Vonda. Quietly she has been trying to bring some order back to the chaos. Sadly, the day before, she told her fiance Rene of her secret identity. The next day she was ambushed by soldiers and a mob. Between the ambush and the fact that she was trying her best not to kill anyone the fight quickly got outside of her control, in desperation she fled.

During their discussion with Colette they also learn that their friend Eliza Petulengro is a major figure in the counter-revolution in the South of Galt. The group tries to convince her to go to Innisfree, the Duke even drafts a letter for her to bring with her directing the council to welcome her to the kingdom. After a few seemingly random questions Colette just nods and says “she’ll think about it”. The sounds of another mob can be heard. Colette makes sure the group is okay then flies off (not before scaring off the mob though).

The game concludes with the group arriving at the outskirts of Isarn.

Royal Ransom

Neth 19th – 27th, 4715

The group makes it’s way to the city of Mivon. Along the way they help a group of pumpkin farmers who were being attacked by worgs and wolves. They find out there is a bounty on wolves and worgs and take the tails to bring to Mivon; Adal also recieves his choice of pumpkin. They escort the farmers (with Galford’s Eidolon helping to haul the wagon since the draft horse was killed in the attack) the rest of the way to Mivon.

Once at the gates there are two small groups waiting for the characters in the cold Neth snow. One is the owner of the Fish Hook Tavern who wants General Quinn to perform at his venue; he obviously wanted to get a jump on his rivals. Quinn agrees, the group’s food and lodging (and drink) are free for the extent of their stay. The other group appears to be 5 well dressed city officials. The Duke meets with them briefly then tells the group that he has some official business to take care of with this group and asks them to go shopping and get settled in without him. It is agreed they will meet at the Fish Hook in a few hours.

Some selling, collecting of bounty’s, and shopping occurs. Adal speaks with some local craftsmen. When Quinn shows up to the Fish Hook to prep the crowd he discovers there is some correspondence waiting for him. It simply reads: “We have the Duke. We want 5000 gold pieces.”

The group gets together and Quinn shows them the letter. They do not have the money, so they start thinking about other alternatives. Scotia and Quinn head to meet with Mayor Selline while Adal and Galford go to meet with the gate guards at the gate they entered through.

At the gate they are lucky in that one of the guards have a photographic memory. They get a detailed description of the suspected assailants and find out they took him down Green Street. Back at the Mayor’s office Scotia and Quinn have to wait a very long time before getting to see the mayor, other’s are allowed in and shown out in the meantime. Adal and Galford catch up in time to get into the meeting. They inform the mayor of the situation. He is “very concerned” and assures them that he’ll “get his best men on it”. Dissatisfied with this response the group investigate themselves.

They head down Green Street. They find a couple of kids making a snowman. They ask if they’d seen anyone with a large stag helm. The one kid asks “They guy in the dress?” They know they are on the right track. The kid’s mother hollers for him to get inside, the kid says “These guys are askin bout that guy with Uncle Rufus!” After some difficulty the group is eventually able to intimidate the father into giving up the location of where his brother-in-law had most likely taken the Duke. He tells them that Rufus has a fishing shack out in an area known as “The Ponds”.

The group heads back to the tavern. Quinn performs a few songs to whet the crowd’s appetite for later. During the performance a man is spotted in the crowd obviously trying to get Quinn’s attention. Quinn, through his bardic magic, causes the guy to head outside. Outside the group finds out that this man (Trevor) had been sent to collect the ransom. They tell Trevor that the jig is up and they know where his friends are hiding the Duke. He is obviously terrified and quickly agrees to whatever the group asks of him. They find out the Duke was captured so that Rufus and his little gang could get the funds to start up a criminal guild.

The group heads out into The Ponds and find the fishing shack they had been told about. Quinn gets close due to a disguised voice and the cover of darkness. A few spells later the kidnappers are thrown into confusion and are defeated in battle. Two of the gang escape (Trevor and another). The find the Duke beaten, stabbed, and battered (the stabbing occurring during the fight when a blind gang member tried to coup de grace him and the battering occurring when the shack collapsed on him when Scotia destroyed it with a fireball.) They throw the bodies into the swamp and take the Duke back to town. A sack of 50gp is left for the family that gave the party information along with a note letting them know of the opportunities and rule of law that exist in Innisfree. The night is concluded with Quinn giving a great performance for the patient crowd.

The next day the group meets again with the mayor. He is relieved that Caelan had been rescued so promptly by the party, he commends their efficiency. He also lets them know that while many are not happy about it Innisfree is being considered as the newest River Kingdom. As such he informs them of the “Six Freedoms”, a sort of code of conduct generally agreed upon by all of the River Kingdoms. Quinn forcefully presents the belt buckles of the would-be guild members and demands a reward. The mayor gives them 200gp for the valuable service they performed.

The group, having found out earlier that Kyonin would not be that easy to visit, decides to leave that for the return trip. They hire a boat to take them South along the river. The next day they set out. The first three days of travel are quiet. On the evening of the third day, while the boat hit shore to make camp, a halfling was seen peeking over a hill.

Adal and Quinn go to explore and discover a very strange looking halfling standing on a road. He wears all orange and has weird proportions (eg. a head that is too big). The halfling informs them that “Human’s go dis way!”, he points down a side trail.

Adal and Quinn collect the others and return. Scotia and Galford approach while Adal and Quinn stay back to cover them. As they approach Scotia and Galford smell petroleum. They speak with the halfling, who constantly wears a huge smile. The find out that “Big human chief says all yummy…er…normal humans go dis way. Elfs go dat way” They chat for a bit when suddenly a goblin pops up from over a ridge and whisper-yells at the halfling to “hurry up!”, then it returns to hiding.

Scotia lets loose a fireball and the fight is on. The battle is one of pure chaos and flame. The end result being dozens of dead goblins and goblin dogs (along with Xug/Zug, the orange “halfling” who wore a hat of disguise and had fallen in love with Scotia for her fireball ability) and a dead teammate. Galford O’Brian, summoner, victim of the Rod of Wonder.

Game concludes here.

Road Trip

Rova 8th – Neth 19th, 4715

The game begins with the Duke making the announcement that he (and his friend Torri) will be leaving the capital for a month to help some farmers bring in their harvest. Some housekeeping is taken care of and Caelan begins his sabbatical.

During that month it is reported that the fey and Greybark are reclaiming an area of forest that had been clear-cut by the hobgoblins of Karros. It is decided that the wise course of action would be to stay out of their way and allow them to do their work. A message is sent to Mivon to warn them of this activity so close to their border.

Eugene’s sister Pandora has spent the last few months going through Eugene’s effects. With her inheritance she hires a human monk named Darad for consultation. It is determined that with the resources available (Eugene’s original scrolls from his mysterious master, his own marginalia, reports of his training regimen and kata, as well as what he taught his sister of meditation) it would be possible to found a new school of kung fu. Pandora and Darad request of the council a monastery be built so that Darad could begin teaching Lockwood Style Kung Fu, aka Way of the Blind Fist. They are promised that it will go into the queue.

Also during that month the General makes a trip around Innisfree to check on the war veterans. He asks them to try to stay in fighting shape in case they are needed again and also request they teach some combat skills to others. The Marshall organizes a group of 10 of his men to form a posse to seek out and eliminate any monstrous threats to the South. The High Sorcerer spends her time visiting with Eisa and the Sootscales; she is pleased to discover that the young cleric is exceeding every expectation and has already converted a quarter or the kobolds to Sarenae. She also spends some time showing Deoryr Slyss’s niece, Acele, around Deepwater.

Near the end of Caelan’s time in the country he meets a strange man. While harvesting Caelan looks up to see a half-elf dressed as a noble walking through the barley towards him. He approaches, sets up a lawn chair, summons a strange four armed servant with a snap of his fingers, then begins sipping iced tea while the servant holds an umbrella to block the sun. After some discussion it is revealed that this man is Galford, brother of Grigori. His brother has told him that this is a land of opportunity and he has come to Innisfree to make his mark in the world. Caelan asks Galford to come meet with him in Deepwater in a few days.

Caelan and Torri finishes his time with the farm family (Billy and Yodelia Cantrill and their 5 kids) feeling completely refreshed, recharged, and reconnected with the values of Erastil. It was hard work but the company was good. He also learns that he loves Squirrel Gumbo.

With the Duke back the council does it’s work then the group head out to Candlemere to find out what is happening with Eugene’s spirit. They take Galford along to keep him close enough to keep an eye on. They find out that the ghost has not acknowledged anyone’s presence up till now and that everyone is more than a little on edge that the Hangman of Innisfree haunts Candlemere Tower. When they arrive Eugene immediately greets them. This is not the carefree Eugene of old however. A feeling of anger and malevolence surrounds him. He is suffering and feels he is a victim of meddling gods. Eugene never told the group of his last near death experience or of the debt he owed Erastil, so they are in the dark as to why this is happening to their friend. Eugene tells Caelan that “He” (Erastil) wants the group to head to Eto in the land of the pharoahs and seek out the laughing marauder. They agree. He also tells them not to send anymore people into the tower, there is a sense that Eugene’s spirit is barely able to contain the anger and anguish that he suffers. They agree to this also, closing the tower and posting guards. It is revealed that Galford has been to Sothis in Osirion and knows the language; he would be a valuable asset for the trip.

The group heads back to Deepwater, after another difficult fight with giant eels they make it back in one piece. They spend the next few weeks readying the kingdom for their absence as they plan for a long trip to Osirion. Another council meeting, more farms, fisheries, and roads built. On Neth 9th, as the first snow begins to fall, the group begins their journey South. They start with exploring a bit more to the South-East then turn back and head to Mivon.

During their exploration they discover a geothermal mud bowl surrounded by mushrooms and fungi of all sorts and sizes (up to 20’ tall!) They don’t approach too closely due to the harsh fumes emanating from it. A few days later they discover they are being hunted by a strange creature Scotia calls a Leucrotta. Knowing they are being stalked the group sets up an ambush for it; Caelan nearly kills it in 6 seconds flat before it retreats. They track it back to its lair, finish it off and claim its treasure. They find the Owlbear den again (still empty) and an old ferry station (a great place to set up a crossing between 3 sides of a T intersection of rivers). Finally they come across Munguk, the vegetarian hill giant they had heard about a couple of years ago. He is sitting on the opposite bank of the Shrike drinking moonshine and throwing large rocks into the water. Thankfully Galford knows Giant and a dialogue is established. With offers of alcohol and calm words Galford gets Munguk to carry the group across the river. The group tells him that the Owlbear cave is now unoccupied and suggests he move there, they also ask him not to kill any humans. He agrees on both counts and begins moving his blue wolfberry moonshine operation to the cave.

The game ends with the group at Mivon’s borders heading toward its capital via Karros.


Desnus 18th – Rova 8th, 4715

Freshly back from their trip to Candlemere Island the group takes care of some housekeeping before getting down to the business of war. Some items are bought or ordered and the grim task of arranging Eugene’s state funeral was attended to.

Eugene Lockwood’s funeral was very much a dwarven affair. The guests were predominantly dwarves with the exception of some council members and a bereaved human woman (who Quinn recognized as a prostitute who had reformed herself with the help of Innisfree’s hangman.) In their grief Caelan and Quinn try their best to eulogize and play the appropriate dirges.

Intelligence from the South give the council some information on Karros. They know the borders, they learn that the enemy is also gearing up for war, and they learn some troop numbers and locations. The Grand Diplomat reports that Mivon’s forces stand ready. The scholars, with the limited time given to them, have nothing solid to report on the name of Hargulka the Greenhand.

The arrival of the Kilted Maniacs from Rostland, along with the delivery of some gifts from friends abroad (bows from Kyonin and alchemist fire from Absalom), gets the march to war going. An army of volunteer dwarves, lead by a warrior known as Mr. Hammer, steps forward. Tyg-Titter-Tut and Greybark manage to cobble together a small unit of forest creatures as well. Innisfree recruits a huge army of several hundred; resources are managed and distributed. On the 8th of Sarenith Innisfree wages it’s first war against the kingdom of Karros.

With Innisfree pushing in from the North and Mivon pushing up from the South tiny Karros had little chance of victory. In just over a week of brutal and intense fighting the war is over.

Mivon, after a masterfully conducted siege of the city of Karros, destroys Hargulka’s forces along with most of Karros’ council. Mivon’s units are battered but all stand at the end. All of the survivors of Karros under Mivon’s charge are put the sword.

Innisfree sweeps in from the North, defeating armies of Bloodscale Kobolds and Hobgoblins along the way. A few days in Karros surprises Innisfree by sending the Lizardfolk army (via the lakes) against Deepwater. The Dwarves rush back and defeat the Lizardfolk before too much damage can be done to the capital. The Kilted Maniacs, while fierce and experienced, is routed by a much larger Hobgoblin army. Innisfree’s armies surround the old Elven Keep but do not attack the Trolls entrenched within. After a few days, once it is clear Karros has fallen, the trolls (lead by their leader Llort) make a suicide rush against Innisfree. It is all over very quickly. The survivors of Karros under Innisfree’s charge are given time to collect their belongings and clear the area (they scatter to the West and East).

In the aftermath it is discovered that Hargulka was a half-demon troll. His mother/consort Eris the Fury escaped the battle (along with two other of Karros’ council).

With the war over Mivon and Innisfree rush to lay claim to what they can. Mivon claims the city of Karros as a Northern outpost and over the next few months Innisfree claims a large swath of forest (along with Candlemere Loch) for their own. Camps and roads are built. Mivon and Innisfree end the joint effort on good terms.

The armies are mostly dissolved, except for a reduced force housed in Deepwater.

Also over the course of the next few months it is discovered that the spirit of Eugene Lockwood still haunts Candlemere Tower. The Duke’s childhood friend Torri Mevoian moves into the kingdom, and the ruler’s chipper demeanor is impossible not to notice. Rumours fly.

The council is shuffled. Mr. Hammer is promoted to Warden for his defense of Deepwater and Akiros Ismort happily accepts the Executioner role.


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