North-East Exploration

Desnus 9th – Sarenith 7th 4711

The group starts near the rickety bridge on the Thorn River. They travel along the river and soon come across a group of bandits calling for parley. Caelan meets with the bandit Kressle one-on-one. The bandit asks the paladin of his intentions in the Greenbelt and warns him that the land belongs to someone (thing?) known as the “Stag Lord”. Caelan states in no uncertain terms that the group is here to stay and will not be intimidated. The parley ends with each group going their separate way; the bandits into the Narlmarches and the group back into the Kamelands.

Worried about Oleg and Svetlana being vulnerable the group hurries back to the trading post. There they find it is now manned by a small group of Brevoy soldiers led by an egomaniac Rostlander named Kesten Garess. They also see a cleric of Erastil scrambling about in the courtyard. They discover that Svetlana is in labor and the cleric (Jhod Kavken) is doing his best for the woman. With the help of Scotia, Caelan, and Eugene, Jhod delivers the baby boy. The group does some basic trading and orders a few things from Restov. They also get their reward for the bandit bounty as a credit at Oleg’s. They pick up another mission from the board (the Tatzylworm bounty) and discover that Jhod is here looking for a forgotten temple to Erastil protected by a large bear. Jhod asks the group to look into it for him.

First thing in the morning Oleg wakes everyone for his new son’s naming ceremony being conducted by Caelan (with the help of Jhod). After a few awkward moments the ceremony is completed and the new Leveton is named Beregorn.

The group heads West and soon runs into a small group of bandits just finishing breakfast. Eugene charms his way into the unsuspecting bandits while the others ready themselves for an attack. The conversation goes something like:
“Do you have anything to eat?” “Yeah, we got some leftover grits. C’mon in and have some” Monk sits and begins eating. “So what do you guys do?” “We’re bandits, and you?” “I hunt bandits.” Bandits spring to their feet and attack.
Group kills the three bandits without too much trouble, though Eugene does get beaten into unconsciousness. They discover a spyglass and a scrap of paper depicting an X under a claw shaped tree. It looks as if the bandits were sent to watch Oleg’s.

After some exploration the group swerves South into the forest. They discover some overstuffed kobolds in a radish patch. One kobold is dispatched and the other three are forced to surrender. They discover these black colored kobolds used to be from the Sootscale tribe. From the kobolds they find out the general direction of the human bandits as well as the kobold’s home cave and the mite tree. The kobolds and mites are at war they are told. These kolbolds are runaways, tired of living under the rule of the witchdoctor instead of their rightful leader (though they are afraid to say much against the witchdoctor due to some curse.) The group gets the creatures to agree to speak for the group to the kobolds when the time comes, in return the group will get the chief to be merciful to the runaways. Until that time comes the kobolds remain where they are, they call themselves the “Kobolds of the Radish Patch” and the one known as Daral claims leadership.

Through some cold rain the group travels South through the forest, once again hitting the Thorn River. Thanks to the keen senses of Quinn they spot what they believe to be Kressle’s bandit encampment. They make note of the location and backtrack along the river. While exploring Adal suddenly begins hearing a voice in his head. The voice says things like:
“I should give up my bandit ways and leave these lands.” and “I regret all the evil I’ve done.”
Adal stops and begins to speak to the forest/forest creatures, making clear that he means no harm. The fledgling fellowship have their first real falling out; with each displaying that famous Rostish pride they quickly splinter. Adal stays by the river to try to reason with what he believes to be fey. Scotia and Caelan begin exploring the surrounding forest. And Eugene continues along the river. Quinn stands confused at the spectacle. Adal receives no indication he is being heard. Caelan is surprised to find Scotia has seemingly pocketed his prayer beads. And Eugene almost slips into a stream when the ground under his feet becomes greased. The group eventually reunites, and camps. That night a hot coal from the fire finds its way onto Caelan’s foot, waking him from sleep.

The group follows the river a bit longer than head North-West. They find a number of bear-traps set recklessly (Caelan almost stepping on one, saved at the last second by Eugene). They set off and collect over a half dozen of them. As they are leaving the forest a grig named Tyg-Titter-Tut makes an appearance. She thanks the group for ridding the forest of the traps and apologizes for the pranks her and her friend (Perlivash) played on them. She seems genuinely happy to meet “biggenses” that are not bandits or have evil in their hearts. The group does discover that Tyg and her friend are responsible for the death of a trapper (the one that set the bear traps.) The group promise her some sweets and set off on their way, happy to have made a friend of the fey.

The group swings North, then South (to pick up moon radishes from the kobolds), then back to Oleg’s. As the group gets back to Oleg’s Caelan comes down with a nasty flu. With the help of Jhod he is nursed back to help after a few days rest. More trading and ordering is done. Scotia gives Svetlana the radishes and is surprisingly rewarded with a very expensive piece of jewelry. Svetlana insists Scotia take it as it has no real value to her.

The group then heads East. They meet Bokken the herbalist. Quinn purchases some potions from the mad old coot, making promises of returned bottles and contacts in the Capital. Bokken is all business and is quick to get to the point and conclude things. After 5 minutes of bargaining and bantering he mentions that this is the most he’s talked to anyone in months.

The group moves south as a very late snow hits. They find fresh evidence of three trolls heading east. Deciding they are happy in the land of the living they continue South, leaving the trolls alone. The snow soon intensifies into a blizzard (most likely the last of the year), the group spends two days hunkering down and digging out. They push through some heavy mud (from the melting snow) and head back into the hills. They spy from afar a claw like tree on a barren hill (like on the scrap of paper) and make their way to it. Once there Eugene notices some of the earth had been disturbed. They discover a cache of treasure.

Game concludes here. (Whew!)

First Steps

Gozran 30th – Desnus 9th 4711

The newly formed group heads to Oleg’s Trading Post with charter in hand. When they arrive they meet Oleg and his pregnant wife Svetlana. They are confused to discover that Oleg and Svetlana seemed to be expecting them. They are greeted warmly with good stew, warm bread, and quality wine. The group finds out that Oleg has sent repeated requests to Restov for help against local bandits and he and his wife believe their group has been sent for this purpose. The group agrees to help the couple.

The next morning the bandits walk in like they own the place. The group surprises the bandits. After an attempt at talking combat breaks out. All the bandits are killed or neutralized. (Those not killed are killed later.) The group learns that Happs (the leader of this small group of bandits) works for a bandit by the name of Kressle who works out of an encampment in the forest (the Narlmarches) to the South near the Thorn River. Adal makes an agreement with Oleg to store some gear.

While at Oleg’s the group learns of some odd jobs they might do. These include: killing bandits, investigating kobolds, killing a boar, finding moon radishes, and finding a wedding band.

The group begins exploring the region immediately after dealing with the bandits at Oleg’s. They travel south exploring the plains and hills (the Kamelands) along the East side of the Narlmarches. In their exploration they encounter a giant trap-door spider, a group of bandits, a gold mine, and a rickety bridge (which they do not cross.)

The game concludes near the rickety bridge (with half of that hex explored.)


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