First Steps

Gozran 30th – Desnus 9th 4711

The newly formed group heads to Oleg’s Trading Post with charter in hand. When they arrive they meet Oleg and his pregnant wife Svetlana. They are confused to discover that Oleg and Svetlana seemed to be expecting them. They are greeted warmly with good stew, warm bread, and quality wine. The group finds out that Oleg has sent repeated requests to Restov for help against local bandits and he and his wife believe their group has been sent for this purpose. The group agrees to help the couple.

The next morning the bandits walk in like they own the place. The group surprises the bandits. After an attempt at talking combat breaks out. All the bandits are killed or neutralized. (Those not killed are killed later.) The group learns that Happs (the leader of this small group of bandits) works for a bandit by the name of Kressle who works out of an encampment in the forest (the Narlmarches) to the South near the Thorn River. Adal makes an agreement with Oleg to store some gear.

While at Oleg’s the group learns of some odd jobs they might do. These include: killing bandits, investigating kobolds, killing a boar, finding moon radishes, and finding a wedding band.

The group begins exploring the region immediately after dealing with the bandits at Oleg’s. They travel south exploring the plains and hills (the Kamelands) along the East side of the Narlmarches. In their exploration they encounter a giant trap-door spider, a group of bandits, a gold mine, and a rickety bridge (which they do not cross.)

The game concludes near the rickety bridge (with half of that hex explored.)

North-East Exploration

Desnus 9th – Sarenith 7th 4711

The group starts near the rickety bridge on the Thorn River. They travel along the river and soon come across a group of bandits calling for parley. Caelan meets with the bandit Kressle one-on-one. The bandit asks the paladin of his intentions in the Greenbelt and warns him that the land belongs to someone (thing?) known as the “Stag Lord”. Caelan states in no uncertain terms that the group is here to stay and will not be intimidated. The parley ends with each group going their separate way; the bandits into the Narlmarches and the group back into the Kamelands.

Worried about Oleg and Svetlana being vulnerable the group hurries back to the trading post. There they find it is now manned by a small group of Brevoy soldiers led by an egomaniac Rostlander named Kesten Garess. They also see a cleric of Erastil scrambling about in the courtyard. They discover that Svetlana is in labor and the cleric (Jhod Kavken) is doing his best for the woman. With the help of Scotia, Caelan, and Eugene, Jhod delivers the baby boy. The group does some basic trading and orders a few things from Restov. They also get their reward for the bandit bounty as a credit at Oleg’s. They pick up another mission from the board (the Tatzylworm bounty) and discover that Jhod is here looking for a forgotten temple to Erastil protected by a large bear. Jhod asks the group to look into it for him.

First thing in the morning Oleg wakes everyone for his new son’s naming ceremony being conducted by Caelan (with the help of Jhod). After a few awkward moments the ceremony is completed and the new Leveton is named Beregorn.

The group heads West and soon runs into a small group of bandits just finishing breakfast. Eugene charms his way into the unsuspecting bandits while the others ready themselves for an attack. The conversation goes something like:
“Do you have anything to eat?” “Yeah, we got some leftover grits. C’mon in and have some” Monk sits and begins eating. “So what do you guys do?” “We’re bandits, and you?” “I hunt bandits.” Bandits spring to their feet and attack.
Group kills the three bandits without too much trouble, though Eugene does get beaten into unconsciousness. They discover a spyglass and a scrap of paper depicting an X under a claw shaped tree. It looks as if the bandits were sent to watch Oleg’s.

After some exploration the group swerves South into the forest. They discover some overstuffed kobolds in a radish patch. One kobold is dispatched and the other three are forced to surrender. They discover these black colored kobolds used to be from the Sootscale tribe. From the kobolds they find out the general direction of the human bandits as well as the kobold’s home cave and the mite tree. The kobolds and mites are at war they are told. These kolbolds are runaways, tired of living under the rule of the witchdoctor instead of their rightful leader (though they are afraid to say much against the witchdoctor due to some curse.) The group gets the creatures to agree to speak for the group to the kobolds when the time comes, in return the group will get the chief to be merciful to the runaways. Until that time comes the kobolds remain where they are, they call themselves the “Kobolds of the Radish Patch” and the one known as Daral claims leadership.

Through some cold rain the group travels South through the forest, once again hitting the Thorn River. Thanks to the keen senses of Quinn they spot what they believe to be Kressle’s bandit encampment. They make note of the location and backtrack along the river. While exploring Adal suddenly begins hearing a voice in his head. The voice says things like:
“I should give up my bandit ways and leave these lands.” and “I regret all the evil I’ve done.”
Adal stops and begins to speak to the forest/forest creatures, making clear that he means no harm. The fledgling fellowship have their first real falling out; with each displaying that famous Rostish pride they quickly splinter. Adal stays by the river to try to reason with what he believes to be fey. Scotia and Caelan begin exploring the surrounding forest. And Eugene continues along the river. Quinn stands confused at the spectacle. Adal receives no indication he is being heard. Caelan is surprised to find Scotia has seemingly pocketed his prayer beads. And Eugene almost slips into a stream when the ground under his feet becomes greased. The group eventually reunites, and camps. That night a hot coal from the fire finds its way onto Caelan’s foot, waking him from sleep.

The group follows the river a bit longer than head North-West. They find a number of bear-traps set recklessly (Caelan almost stepping on one, saved at the last second by Eugene). They set off and collect over a half dozen of them. As they are leaving the forest a grig named Tyg-Titter-Tut makes an appearance. She thanks the group for ridding the forest of the traps and apologizes for the pranks her and her friend (Perlivash) played on them. She seems genuinely happy to meet “biggenses” that are not bandits or have evil in their hearts. The group does discover that Tyg and her friend are responsible for the death of a trapper (the one that set the bear traps.) The group promise her some sweets and set off on their way, happy to have made a friend of the fey.

The group swings North, then South (to pick up moon radishes from the kobolds), then back to Oleg’s. As the group gets back to Oleg’s Caelan comes down with a nasty flu. With the help of Jhod he is nursed back to help after a few days rest. More trading and ordering is done. Scotia gives Svetlana the radishes and is surprisingly rewarded with a very expensive piece of jewelry. Svetlana insists Scotia take it as it has no real value to her.

The group then heads East. They meet Bokken the herbalist. Quinn purchases some potions from the mad old coot, making promises of returned bottles and contacts in the Capital. Bokken is all business and is quick to get to the point and conclude things. After 5 minutes of bargaining and bantering he mentions that this is the most he’s talked to anyone in months.

The group moves south as a very late snow hits. They find fresh evidence of three trolls heading east. Deciding they are happy in the land of the living they continue South, leaving the trolls alone. The snow soon intensifies into a blizzard (most likely the last of the year), the group spends two days hunkering down and digging out. They push through some heavy mud (from the melting snow) and head back into the hills. They spy from afar a claw like tree on a barren hill (like on the scrap of paper) and make their way to it. Once there Eugene notices some of the earth had been disturbed. They discover a cache of treasure.

Game concludes here. (Whew!)

Nettle's Crossing and The Old Sycamore

Sarenith 7th – 10th, 4711

Our valiant heroes head South-East deeper into the hills. They come to a river and explore the lands along its banks. Along this river they find the remains of a bridge, a burned down building could be seen on the other side. All that remained of the bridge was one thick rope across. A sign marked the place as “Nettle’s Crossing” (sign read: Nettle’s Crossing – 5 coppers – ring bell for service.) As most of the group explored this area Eugene headed downstream to some rapids. While there he saw a gaunt undead looking humanoid form out of the water. It said to him “You are not my tormentors. Throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river that I may look upon his death, or join me instead.” Eugene immediately agreed and the spirit/? dispersed back into the river. Eugene returned and told the group what had happened.

The group headed straight West, exploring along the way. They soon came to a massive and ancient sycamore tree. With the help of their spy glass they could see a little blue creature around the great tree’s roots. They moved in and captured the creature (a mite named Drabbles) along with another. The mite lied in response to almost every question, though they did manage to find out the leader of the mites was called Grabbles and that they had insects inside. The mite had never heard of the Stag Lord.

The heroes initially try to negotiate their way into the lair. They are told that they are welcome to come in and peacefully talk with Grabbles (another obvious lie). They head down the hole at the base of the tree, hoping for the best, only to walk into an ambush. The group manages to wipe out the entire colony of mites, though not without many close calls. A giant whiptail centipede and a giant tick named Tickleback were particularly difficult. (Eugene was reduced to unconsciousness or dieing 3 times, Caelan twice.)

Along the way the group rescues a kobold named Mikmek (who tries to warn them of the whiptail centipede). When the group take possession of the mites loot and the Kobold’s sacred statue (the statue is of a winged demon Mikmek calls Old Sharptooth) Mikmek celebrates and lets slip “Death to Tartuk!”

The session ends with the group getting ready to make camp within the caves.

The group levels up at the conclusion of this adventure.

The Sootscale Kobolds

Sarenith 11th – 21st, 4711

The game opens with Quinn having a particularly vivid dream.

The group rests and heals up within the caves under the old sycamore tree. Adal explores a bit to discover that the trees roots have various bore holes in it (evidently the mites were feeding off of it or something.) He also notices a mite ambush waiting for them outside. The group charges out and finishes off the last of the mites and centipedes.

They question the kobold Mikmek for a time. They find out (again) that the kobolds live in fear of their shaman, a purple kobold named Tartuk. The group goes to make contact with the Sootscale’s, exploring along the way. When they get to the kobold caves (and old Ag mine) they are escorted in to see the chief (thanks to their possession of the statue and the fact that Mikmek was with them).

Once before the chief a battle of wills between the group and an invisible Tartuk takes place. Tartuk wishes the statue be given to him. Caelan is able to convince Chief Sootscale that he should no longer live in the shadow of his shaman and he hands Old Sharptooth to the chief who accepts it. A battle ensues with the kobold sorcerer, the group winning in the end.

The kobolds erupt in celebration (YUB NUB!). Eugene loots Tartuk’s belongings and gets drunk. Caelan, Quinn, Adal and Chief Sootscale hammer out a peace (and possible future trade) agreement. Adal explores the cave to discover there is indeed silver here. The group is made honorary Sootscales. After some questions and resting the night the group is on their way South-West. They discover the meeting place of the Thorn and Shrike rivers and find a natural shallow area where crossing is relatively easy. They then strike back up North to Olegs.

Game concludes with some trading at Oleg’s, concluding a few bits of business (Svetlana’s Ring, telling Kesten Garess of the kobold arrangement, etc) and distilling of Dwarvish Whisky.

Bandits and Bears and Boars, oh my!

Sarenith 21st-Erastus 13th, 4711

Game opens with the group noticing Oleg is building some stables outside his fort. They also discover Kesten Garess is trying very hard to impress the party, evidently he is not nearly as obnoxious when the group is out in the field. Later in the day Adal sees a rag-tag group of mostly foreigners and demi-humans coming down the road towards Oleg’s (with supplies, oxen, chickens, etc). The group finds out that these folk have been refused citizenship or entry into Brevoy. They were personally expelled from Restov by the Swordlord Callum Argyle. It was suggested the group come to Oleg’s as it was the safest option.

Among these settlers were: an elven barbarian Verina Chanistasta, identical twin half-orc’s Rick and Quincy, a Absolomian human wizard/academic Deoryr Slyss, three Rostish ex-con’s, the dwarven lens-crafter Dralt Stonebeard, and the halfling family of escaped slaves (Lem, Rilla, and Tam).

The group spent time and resources ensuring these people would be okay in the short term.

The group then set off to deal with the Thorn River bandit camp. Along the way they stopped by the radish patch to tell Daral and his “Kobolds of the Radish Patch” that it was safe to head back to the Sootscale’s. They arrived just in time to save the creatures from a giant whiptail centipede. After sending the kobolds back to their tribe the group then made their way to the bandit camp. They made their assault in the dark of night and successfully killed the bandits. The only survivor was Kressle who they brought back to Oleg’s for hanging.

The party deals with the settlers a bit more then sets out for more exploration during a heat wave. The group makes for Tyg-Titter-Tut‘s home. They find her (with the aid of toffee and mint’s). While the group is asking about Tuskgutter Tyg mentions a hidden temple. Quinn bets her that she couldn’t actually lead them to the temple, she accepts the bet. Exploring along the way she leads them into the hidden grove where the old temple still stands. While at the temple the group sees a strange grizzly bear emerge, on the sight of Caelan the bear is enraged and charges. With the help of Erastil’s power Caelan and the party are able to defeat the bear (which turns into a man, then skeleton, then dust upon death).

The party checks back in on the bandit camp (no activity) then they turn south. They come across Tuskgutter’s lair and slay the creature. They then head back up to Oleg’s, repairing the rickety bridge just South of the gold mine along the way. The group then returns to Oleg’s with Tuskgutter’s head.

Shamble On

Erastus 13th – Rova 17th, 4711

The session opens with Jacobi asking for a day off (his first in over two months), the group agrees. Caelan heads to the Temple of the Elk. During that day: they discover Deoryr Slyss is fixing a catapult, two of the Stag Lord’s bandits give themselves up, a new group of refugees arrive at Oleg’s (including Eugene’s sister Pandora), and Kesten Garess spills the beans on the Swordlord’s little secret.

The two bandits are named Sean and Erik. They tell the group that one of the Stag Lord’s lieutenants, one Akiros Ismort, may be willing to switch sides and perhaps even help. Sean is sent back with an offer to any other bandits, surrender now and save your life. Erik is put to work.

When the refugees show up Eugene is surprised to find his sister Pandora amongst them (with nothing more than the clothes on her back). She tell him that she fell madly in love with a gnome and followed him as far as Restov before he tired of her. Eugene sets her up looking after his shed, still, and “bar”.

After noticing Kesten Garess acting funny, especially after the group’s reaction to the new settlers, they decide to ask him what is going on. In a private conversation he expresses concern that the group is acting strange for a group of “kingdom builders”. Somehow he had heard of the plans of the Swordlords of Restov and he shares what he had heard with the group. He’s also wary of Caelan’s allegiances as Kesten knows that Callum Argyle (the man who gave this group their charter and the man who shared the knowledge of what was really happening here with Caelan) is a very ambitious man. It is discovered that Kesten is a minor noble who was involved in a scandal of some kind in Brevoy, he is here looking for a new life and a new liege.

Before leaving the group leaves Kesten Garess in charge, giving him a specific list of what they wish to be done in their absence.

The group sets out the next day, determined to finish off their exploration. Along the way they: discover a barbarian cairn, a strange dead unicorn lacking any signs of decay (with its horn taken), an old statue of Erastil (which they clean off and give offerings to), a natural hot-spring with two giant frogs (which they kill), found the dead trapper Tyg spoke of, discovered a boggard named Garuum living in some ruins along side the Skunk River, and find and kill a pair of Tatzylworms (and behead them for Oleg). Then death shambled upon the party.

While heading through a dense patch of brush two thick vines shot out of a nearby bush and slew Eugene before he had a chance to react. It was a shambling mound. Luckily the creature was an immature specimen of the species who was fresh off of another battle of some sort and the remaining party (along with a mysterious woodsman) was able to take the creature down. The group found the creatures lair and uncovered a staff of great power. The group made haste and pushed North to the Temple of the Elk hoping Jhod could help the slain monk. The group offered Jhod the staff they had found and he used what diamonds he had to cast the necessary spells to bring Eugene back to life. Eugene spend two weeks at the temple recovering.

The rest of the group returned to Oleg’s to see how things were progressing there. They returned and picked up Eugene and finished exploring the area. They found a trapped thylacine (which they killed) and a patch of fangberries infested with chew spiders (they picked three potion’s worth of berries from the edge). At one point they crest a hill to see Tuskwater Loch in the distance to the South, the Stag Lord’s fort could be seen at it’s edge. The group then presses East and finishes exploring the final bits required by the charter.

The game concludes with the group back at Oleg’s getting ready for their assault on the Stag Lord.

The group gains a level.

Assault on the Stag Lord's Fort

Rova 17th – Lamashan 10th, 4711

The session opens with the group updating Caelan on recent event and questioning him on a few things. Yet more settlers and supplies have shown up. Three more bandits give themselves up. The group learns that Sean was killed by the Stag Lord and that Akiros was the last possible turncoat within the Stag Lord’s fort. The group grills the ex-bandits for information on the fort; they learn of: the layout, the haunted hillside (buried zombies to the SE of the fort), the fact that there is a freak living in the basement and an Owlbear caged on the main floor, and that Akiros will help the group “when the time was right”.

The group plans their assault on the fort. After a quick stop at Bokken’s they head to the forest to convince their friend Tyg-Titter-Tut to help them. After some negotiation (and promises of candy and titles) they convince Tyg to help them. The next morning she arrives in her battle gear riding upon the fairy dragon Pervilash.

The group heads South to the fort.

During a very dark and windy night the group makes their move. Coming in from the South-East the group sneaks around the old graveyard then sends Eugene ahead to scale the wall in order to open the main gate while at the same time Tyg and Pervilash are sent in to release the Owlbear for a distraction. Eugene scales the wall and sneaks toward the gate, unfortunately he is exposed by some skittish horses along the way. Eugene opens the gates and the fight is on.

The battle ranges across the entire fort. There are some close calls but eventually the group stands victorious. The group immediately decides to clear out the basement. They meet and defeat the twisted old druid living there. They learn Akiros was once a follower of Erastil who has since “done some bad things”; he is looking for redemption.

After securing the fort they leave Akiros to protect the it and they give the Stag Lord’s body to the Shrike river as they had promised the spirit of Davik Nettles. They then head to the dead unicorn. They take a day to really investigate the area and unicorn, only to find no answers. They head back to Oleg’s, stopping at the Temple of the Elk along the way (to ask Jhod some questions and tell him about Akiros), to find an agent of Restov waiting for them. Upon showing the Stag Lord’s helm the group receives a 5000gp reward and a second charter.

And so begins the kingdom building.

The Founding of Innisfree

Lamashan, 10th 4711 – Lamashan 31st, 4712

The group gathers the rag-tag settlers and refugees and they head off to the site of the Stag Lord’s fort with intentions of kingdom building.

On the 21st day of Lamashan in the year 4711 the Barony of Innisfree is born. The first order of business is the founding of the capital city, Deepwater, and the construction of a castle upon the ruins of the Stag Lord’s fort.

A ruler and council is chosen from amongst the best and brightest of those assembled. Lord Caelan McCallan is chosen to lead as Baron. The potter and baker Mirrian Greenspinner is chosen as Councilor, the voice of the people. Quinn the Red Fox, with his golden voice and speeches of inspiration, is chosen as General of the fledgling armies. After some promises are made regarding the Duchy’s commitment to education the well traveled academic Deoryr Slyss is chosen as the Grand Diplomat. The intense Jhod Kavken is chosen as spiritual guide and educator in the title of High Priest. Scotia McFadden the fire sorceress is chosen as the authority in all things magical as the Magister. The woodsman and archer Adal Chadast was a natural fit to watch the borders and rural areas, he was chosen as Marshal. Eugene Lockwood, a passionate defender of the law and executioner of the lawless, claims the title of Royal Assassin. The skilled social butterfly (and lensecrafter extraordinaire) Dralt Stonebeard enthusiastically assumes the role of Spymaster. The crusty and wily old trader Oleg Leveton is happy to serve this group who has done so much for him as the Treasurer. And finally, the Rostish noble Kesten Garess kneels before his Duke to accept the station of Warden.

The next year passes quickly for our heroes as they, through hard work and community effort, build a kingdom up from nothing. Months are spent hammering nails and lifting stone, organizing a diverse people and keeping their spirits high, giving loans and making deals, etc. There is no area the heroes of Innisfree leave unattended in their efforts to make their mark on the map of Golarion. During this year: some extra spending is required to deal with the food shortages caused by missing the previous growing season, a caravan from Druma arrives in town and builds an Inn (The Duck and Wagon), a secret cache of copper ingots is discovered (along with a secret passage into the Castle), a terrible storm rolls through, and a tenement area is built within Deepwater. The Duchy grows quickly under the visionary leadership of the council, eventually coming in contact with the borders of Brevoy itself. The village of Guinness is founded at the former location of Oleg’s Trading Post.

After a year the kingdom has taken on a life of its own. The population has grown and responsibilities are able to be delegated more and more. As the Barony grows the value of the heroes leadership skills become increasingly important but their day-to-day direct involvement is becoming less necessary. They find themselves with some free time and the siren call of adventuring calls to them.

The game concludes with the group claiming the area surrounding the old sycamore tree where Quinn had his otherworldly dream. They also hear about the horrible massacre of a farming family in the Northern Plains of Innisfree. They ready themselves to investigate.

Innisfree ends this session with a town (the capital Deepwater) and a village (Guinness), it encompasses about 1500 sq miles, it measures just over 60 miles long (North to South), and has a population around 5,500 strong.

Trouble in Whitefield

Neth 2nd – 18th, 4712

The group, anxious to get back out in the field, go to investigate the murder of a farm family SE of Guinness. Arriving on horseback they investigate the homestead to discover the family was slaughtered by 3 wolves. Strangely the neighbor who discovered the scene had heard no evidence of wolves and the wolves also carried off some chickens. With a priest of Erastil on the way to carry out the funeral rites the group left the scene to one of Adal’s men who had been guarding the site.

The group tracked the wolves straight West toward the forest. Along the way they noticed the tracks had changed from wolf to some sort of humanoid prints with wolf features. The group spend a night at a hunting/trapping/logging camp and leave their horses to continue following the tracks South. The discover evidence of a cold camp (chicken bones, etc) at the Thorn River Camp site once used by Kressle. Soon after crossing the river they lose the trail. Luckily the creatures had been traveling in straight lines and Adal was able to estimate that they were making for Tuskgutter’s old lair.

At the lair they found a camp site that had very recently been abandoned (the tea was still hot and a still burning cigarette lie on a rock near the fire.) Warily the party moves in. 3 werewolves break cover and attack. Despite their lack of silver weapons the party is able to defeat the creatures through Quinn and Scotia’s magic as well as Eugene’s grappling, leaving one alive for questioning. Adal was shocked to notice that the creatures (once slain and reverted to human form) were guardsmen from his old village of Whitefield. Arady, Lara, and Zak. Zak, the living one, was questioned. He was very much not his old self. It is discovered that the group of guards were abducted while on watch. They have no memory of being converted to lycanthropes but they recall a “robed man” that warned them of what they had become and what a danger they now were to their friends and family. They were also told that cures for lycanthrope were just desperate tales. Not willing to risk harm to those they love the trio headed South. Their new evil nature eventually consumed them and the hunger for human flesh won out in the end. In a desperate rage Zak transforms and snaps the ropes holding him, Eugene hangs the poor creature for it’s troubles.

The group carry the bodies to the nearby Temple of the Elk. Jhod is not there but his assistant Duncan is along with the reformed Akiros. Duncan seems to have fairly detailed knowledge of the curse of lycanthrope and passes his information along to the group. Arrangements are made to have the bodies transported to Whitefield via Innisfree and the group continues North, picking up their horses and heading to Guinness.

After procuring some silver weapons in Guinness they ride NW to Whitefield. Adal is greeted as a returning hero. The entire village had heard of his accomplishments and were very proud. After meeting with village elder Jacob (and little Timmy) the group learns that guards have been disappearing for the past 3 months. In total 7 have disappeared: 6 locals and a mercenary they were forced to hire on the last month. Currently the village is not being defended, their Erastilian pride and Rostish independence making them reluctant to call on the Brevic authorities for help. Jacob is horrified to hear of the fate of Zak and his colleagues. The group learns that there has been increased wolf activity in the forest to the West, though no trouble has come from that direction in some time. A loner named Neill Mencer now has Adal’s old job of patrolling those woods. They also learn the graveyard has been violated and a few bodies are missing. The group spends the night in the town hall. There is a bit of a feast and music (provided by Quinn), a number of local mothers and grandmothers do their best to interest Adal in various available young women from the village.

The next morning the group readies itself to explore the forest. Jacob dusts off an old silver greatsword the village had been holding on to and gives it to Caelan. Evidence of werewolves were all around in the forest (tracks, howling at night, the over hunting of local fauna) but tracking the creatures proved difficult. The forest Adal had spent so much time in during his youth seemed a different place. After much wandering and exploring the group finally makes it’s way to a hidden grove Adal had spotted from treetop. Heading through thick underbrush the group sees a man standing stock still amongst the bushes. As they approach they realize it is a zombie. Coming in on it from behind they are able to destroy it without a fight (along with the 4 others placed around the clearing.

In the clearing they discover a crude altar made of mud, logs, and rocks. It detects as evil to Caelan. Eugene desecrates it in his own unique way then the group tears it apart (finding a heart within it) and burns it. The group waits for whoever used the altar to return, knowing there is only one path into the clearing they watch it closely.

6 hours later they see a wolf trot down the path obviously on their scent. It retreats. A few moments later two werewolves rush into the clearing ready for combat. The fight is on. After a few moments a robed man walks into the clearing, pulling his hood back the group sees the face of the master werewolf in hybrid form. After a very difficult battle, made more difficult by the faulty greatsword Caelan was wielding and the robed man’s spells, the group was able to defeat the lycanthropes.

The robed man got away in wolf form, though not before telling Caelan that he would “see you later”, the other two were slain. Though this battle has ended it’s effects linger. There are unaccounted for afflicted werewolves (the first 3 guards), the master werewolf is on the loose and most likely unhappy with the rulers of Innisfree, and Eugene is blind.

Oh say can you see?

Neth 18th 4712 – Arodus 4th 4713

The adventure begins in the clearing where the group battled the robed man and his werewolves. Tracking back toward Whitefield Adal is able to determine the robed man exited the forest just North of the village. The group report their findings to the village elder (Jacob) and then speed back to Innisfree (due to their leadership responsibilities).

Once back in Deepwater the group is shocked to discover that Eugene refuses treatment for his blindness. He insists that he is fine and that he just needs some time to get used to his condition.

The next month the group decides that clearing out the chew spiders in the fangberry patch would be easier in the winter. They smoke the vermin out and promptly eradicate them. During the battle Scotia demonstrates an impressive resistance to heat and flame. On the way home the group decides to explore the area East of Deepwater.

They explore the region successfully to find a river and forest. On their last day they come across a group of Gnomes in desperate trouble. One of their wagons is stuck in the cold waters of Skunk River. The group springs into action. Through the calming of the wagon’s pair of horses, hard work, and coordination the group eventually gets the wagon to the other side (just in time too!) Though the Baron lost his steed in the process the gnomes and the party came out unharmed (all but Eugene’s pride perhaps as he just sat on his horse the whole time.) The gnome’s leader introduces himself as Jubilost Narthropple, leader of the Narthropple Expedition. He says they are Gnomish explorers from the South, here to explore the wilds of the Greenbelt. The group invites them to Deepwater which Jubilost reluctantly accepts (though the rest of the expedition are overjoyed.) Once back the group talks with Jubilost, learning of many of the dangers and sites to the South. They learn of a green dragon, a tribe of lizardmen in a swamp near Candlemere Loch, a strange tower poking through some mist on an island on Candlemere Loch, a muttering madman with a cougar, and Jubilost also reports that he saw “Old Beldame” (a legendary witch/hag that lives rumored to be in the area with her scarecrow construct.) The expedition is invited to join the kingdom, the answer is noncommittal.

The next few months pass quickly as the group dig back into their leadership roles. During this time: a (up to that point) common artist unveils a masterpiece upon the ceiling of the throne room (“The Founding of Innisfree”), a VERY rich vein of gold is discovered, and Kesten Garess leaves for a month to attend to a dieing family member. A pair of murders spooks Deepwater, the group investigates and discovers that a barbarian werewolf named Kundal was responsible. Kundal was one of the missing security members from Whitefield and was new into town. He was seen (by Eugene and others) drowning himself in alcohol day after day at the Duck and Wagon. The group apprehends him, cures him of his curse, then executes him (without trial).

On Erastus 3 4713 (the holy day of Erastil: Archerfeast/Archer’s Day) the town of Deepwater finishes work on a grand cathedral, Innisfree Basilica. It is a day of celebration. The sprawling open design houses not only the clergy of Old Deadeye. The Eternal Rose Shelyn, The Lady of Graves Pharasma, and the Dawnflower Sarenae is also represented.

The session ends with the group learning of the problems the people in Northern Innisfree are having with Tyg-Titter-Tut and Pervilash.


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