Tag: Fey


  • Tyg-Titter-Tut

    Tyg-Titter-Tut is a grig with a love of sweets and pranks. She also has a strong dislike of mean spirited "biggenses". She travels with her best friend Pervilash, a shy Fairy Dragon. The group met her in the Northern reaches of the Narlmarches. In …

  • Melianse

    Melianse is a Nixie who dwells in the rivers and lakes of the Greenbelt. When not on the move she stays in a glade in the Skunk River. Melianse met the group when they stumbled upon her arguing with Corax and his group of loggers. The group calmed …

  • Tiressia

    Tiressia is a dryad who lives deep in the Narlmarches. She is married to the Satyr Falchos. Tiressia befriended the group when they destroyed a Scythe Tree that was out to get her.

  • Falchos

    Falchos is a Satyr and the loyal husband (a rare feat for his race!) of Tiressia the Dryad. He lives with her in her grove though he does explore the surrounding area for threats. He enjoys lewd humor and music.