Character Creation and House Rules

We will all get together to roll up some characters sometime in the near future. I don’t have many house rules, but I do have a few. I thought I’d give you all an idea of what to generally expect.

As previously mentioned we will be using the Core Book almost exclusively for this campaign. Pathfinder is a pretty complex system so I would like to keep things as simple as possible for the time being. The one exception is the Campaign Traits found on p.10-12 of the Kingmaker Player’s Guide. Each character may have one Campaign Trait listed in this section, though they are not required.

Rolling Stats: Roll 3 sets of stats. Each set will get an automatic 16 then roll 4d6 and drop the lowest for the remaining 5 attributes. Choose the best set and place the numbers where you wish. Please make sure that someone else is watching your rolls…this is not an accusation of anything, I just prefer to eliminate the temptation. If any set’s total is less than 65 points you may reroll that entire set.

Hit Points: All characters will get maximum hit points at first level and minimum half hit points every level after first.

Experience Points: XP is shared among the characters equally, even when a player misses a session. We will be using the Medium character advancement progression.

Raised or Replacement Characters: Characters can only be raised once. The gods will only give mortals a single second chance at life. Replacement characters will start one level lower than the rest of the party; all XP will be given to the new character until it catches up with the rest of the group.

Item Creation: I hate to do this, but for the time being I will be banning all item creation feats. Evidently the new item creation rules combined with this particular adventure path is a bad combination. I’d rather just avoid these issues altogether. You guys can focus on being heroes and leaders of people while letting the NPC’s worry about toiling away at things like manufacturing. Any Wizard characters can replace their free “Scribe Scroll” feat at 1st level with the “Spell Mastery” feat.

I expect to run things pretty much “by the book”. There might be a house-rule or two I have forgotten, but this should be the majority of them.

Character Creation and House Rules

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