The Heroes of Innisfree!

Adal Chadast: Brooding, thoughtful, and practical. He has deadly precision with a longbow. As Marshall of Innisfree Adal is responsible for order and security outside the towns and cities. Adal
Caelan Caelan McCallan: Fair, open minded, and a visionary. A paladin on the progressive edge of his faith. His Grace The Duke of Innisfree Caelan McCallan is the ruler of the land.
Quinn the Red Fox: Steady, multifaceted, and a bit mysterious. A bard as comfortable on the frontier as in a tavern. Quinn leads the military of Innisfree as it’s General. Quinn
Scotia Scotia McFadden: Naive but with a rapidly expanding horizon. A fire sorceress just beginning to tap her potential. As High Sorcerer Scotia oversees all things concerning the arcane and non-religious education within Innisfree.
Wan-fu Mongethai: A self-chosen exile searching for his place in the world. A rare elven holy warrior of Erastil. Wan fu
Iola 1 Iola Voralius: A spoiled, worldly, adventure seeking rogue. Iola represents her wealthy Andoren merchant family in Innisfree.

Past heroes include:
Eugene Lockwood: Lawful, reckless, and a drunk. A fearless monk whose concern is for the letter of the law. Now deceased.
Galford O’Brian: Abrasive, foppish, and a drunk. A powerful summoner that hails from a family of troublemakers. Now deceased.

This space is for all of the participants of this campaign so feel free to contribute. If you have the inclination you could start a character journal or add in character details to the adventure logs.


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