Desnus 12th – 18th, 4715

The party hires a local fisherman to sail them to Candlemere Island so that they may explore the area. Ten gold pieces later they find their man. A few days and a giant eel later the group approaches the foreboding island. It tilts out from the lake West to East, going from beaches and forest up to plains, hills, and lakeside cliffs. At the pinnacle of the island a strange tower dominates the landscape, it is forever battered by a thunderstorm that hovers over the structure.

The group gets to the shore and hides the boat (and pilot) as best they can. They travel around the small forest, seeing evidence of some local game (boars and deer). During their travels they see glimpses of red and blue humanoid figures wandering within the trees. As they round the forest and enter the plain they see numerous of these figures. They appear to be human but are translucent and glow either red or blue. The red ones seethe and shout in anger, the blue whimper and cry for help. Strangely, while Scotia and Caelan can sense the spirits, Adal can only see them, Quinn can only hear them, and Eugene cannot sense them at all.

They make for the tower, a huge piece of unique architecture (a twelve sided structure which starts as if carved from the granite at it’s base and gradually leads up to a metallic crown. Will o’wisps dance at it’s top.) Along the way they find evidence of a lizardman encampment and they themselves camp in a sheltered location among the rocky landscape close to the tower. They approach the tower over the foundations of an ancient town. They see (and are seen by) a group of lizardfolk which is guarding the tower. They make short work of these exterior archers. They know the lizardfolk worship a “thunder god” on the island. Inside they do battle with another, larger, force of lizardfolk. This one lead by a huge muscular warrior. The ensuing battle is difficult but they eventually prevail.

Sadly Eugene, blind monk and hangman extraordinaire, ran out of luck (and lives) and was slain by the lizardfolk leader.

The group begins working on what they perceive is a puzzle involving statues of Aroden on the first level. As they work on this the Spymaster Castiel, who had been exploring the island as part of his reconnaissance for the upcoming war, stumbles upon the group and joins in the exploration. The puzzle is solved and a stairway to a basement opens up. The group descends only to find all the doors locked. They determine they need a key of some sort to decipher the locking mechanisms so they go back up to explore the upper levels. After some time they discover and figure out how to use a series of teleportation circles which connect the different levels of the tower.

As the group explore the tower they learn that this was once a center of worship for a sect of Aroden. It was lead by a man named Ardwen. Something had obviously gone horribly wrong. They eventually learn that Ardwen had been obsessed by Arazni, the herald of Aroden, and in through his misguided love damned himself and all of his followers. The eventually figure out that the holy book of Aroden, found in the footlockers of some doomed knights, is the key they need for the basement.

Once in the basement they discover a vault (and the trap protecting the vault which almost claims Castiel and Quinn), they plunder the treasure. The two other doors they can access have ancient symbols, one of masculinity and one of femininity. They choose female first. They discover a kitchen, eating area, sleeping area, and finally a room packed with zombies trying to get in to a large set of doors. The red and blue spirits flit about this room in greater numbers than elsewhere. On the male side they discover the exact same layout, along with another room full of zombies and spirits. A few fireballs later the zombies are dealt with. They open the door to discover Ardwen the Betrayer.

After a tough fight they stand victorious. However the general had been grievously injured (level drained) by the creature’s touch. The group quickly makes for home, sailing day and night to get back to Deepwater just in time to cure Quinn’s ailment.

The game concludes here.

As a side note they discover the tower is a building of considerable arcane power. The casting tower at the top of the structure has immense power over electrical and weather spells on the island itself.



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