Fortress of the Laughing Marauder

Pharast 20th, 4716

The group starts in the giant scorpion nest, the remains of many humans litter the ground. They continue through the cave system (killing off the baby scorpions and eggs along the way). They find a narrow side passage. The follow it and come out in a cave with 6 captives of the Laughing Marauder. A woman named Dendera Ebe speaks for the group. They discover there is a jailer nearby and they learn that the captives believe they are being held in order to be eaten by the gnolls. The group sends Dendera back to Caelan and Jean (who were keeping an eye on the scorpion cave system.)

Iola unlocks the jail cell door and the group begins exploring the fortress. They kill the jailer and some sleeping gnolls. They discover a kitchen/butcher-area/unholy altar room, it is obvious that this is where the human captives are butchered for the gnolls. The altar has a painted symbol of Lamashtu on the wall behind it.

The group has a large battle in the next room (dining area). Battered and down on resources the group decides to press forward while they still have an advantage. The group explores a bit more and then they find the throne room.

The Laughing Marauder simply says “Destroy them” from behind a curtain. The group charges forward, Wan-fu falls into a pit trap that was covered by a rug with a Lamashtu symbol. Just then a great and swirling Sand Golem enters the room from behind another curtain, it attacks.

What follows is a very challenging battle; first against the Golem and then against the Laughing Marauder along with some bodyguards and members of his harem (who were creepy gnoll women “blessed” by Lamashtu to raise as zombies when they are killed.) The group prevails (despite some Rod of Wonder fun and games) and loot the room. They find the vault and find many valuables stolen from local caravans and a magic staff.

They also find a letter leading them further on to the Mwangi Expanse!

The game ends here, the group wanting to explore a barred and chained door they had seen on the way to the throne room.



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