Funeral of Kesten Garess

Desnus 8th – 12th, 4715

On a beautiful Spring day the funeral of Kesten Garess took place. The former Warden of Innisfree died defending Deepwater from the attack of the giant owlbear. The funeral was attended by a large number of locals, the entire ruling council, members of the Garess family whom had travelled down from their holdings just North of Restov, the Swordlord Callum Argyle, and Mayor Raston Selline and his entourage from Mivon. Elder Jhod conducts the ritual and the Duke follows with a eulogy for the ages.

After the rituals the gathered people talk, cry, laugh, and remember a fallen friend. Duke MacCallan comforts the Garess family and presents them with Kesten’s sword wrapped in a flag of Innisfree. Marshall Chadast meets with the ruler of the River Kingdom of Mivon and agrees to have him meet with the council the next day. General RedFox meets with Callum Argyle and as well promises a meeting with the council. Executioner Lockwood excuses himself immediately after the ceremony and is presented with two confessed bandits by the new Warden Akiros Ismort, the two criminals are quickly hanged. High Sorcerer McFadden kept an eye on Grigori and schmoozed with the common folk. That night the General directs what troops he has in town to aid in security to protect Innisfree’s guests.

The next day the council convenes to meet with the foreign dignitaries. The meeting with Callum Argyle is fairly brief, consisting mostly of gestures of friendship and basic politicking. The Swordlord does request to share a whiskey with those he sent out here years ago, it is agreed and he leaves. As he leaves Mayor Raston Selline of Mivon is let in (a tense moment given the history between the Rostland and the River Kingdom). The mayor is not impressed a head of state had to wait on a mere noble. Once the doors are closed Raston wastes no time, he claims the budding kingdom of Karros is a threat to both Innisfree and Mivon. The sooner it is destroyed the better it will be for all involved. However, Mivon is not willing to take all of the losses and wishes a coordinated offensive against the Greenhand. Not prepared for such straight talk of war the council debates and deliberates. They are told Mivon is ready to march when they are. In the end it is decided more information is needed. Mayor Selline is told that Innisfree will be ready in 3-8 weeks. Grand Diplomat Deoryr Slyss is sent back with the Mivon contingent so that he will be able to teleport between the two nations when instant communication will be required, he is also told to do some research into Hargulka the Greenhand.

It is decided that their Spymaster, Tyg & Pervilash, and Guglielmo (if he can be found) will begin spying on Karros to try to get intel on their forces. In the mean time they will begin raising an army and purchasing oil and alchemist fire.

The group’s private meeting with Callum Argyle is a friendly one. They learn of the increasing tensions back in the homeland and the fact that Rostland is trying to keep as many of their forces close to home as possible. They learn a bit of the other groups that were sent out. Baron Hannis Drelev has established a Fort past the great swamp to the West and Maegar Varn has established a small barony called Varnhold in the foothills of the Tors to the East. Argyle apologizes for the state of the “settlers” he sent their way in the early days, he emphasizes that Rostland cannot be seen as being the sponsor of Innisfree in any way. He also thanks them for their help in Whitefield. Finally, sympathizing with their situation to the South he commits the Rostlander shock-troopers “The Kilted Maniacs” to help as mercenaries in the upcoming war.

That evening Scotia ends up finding a young cleric of Sarenae to send to the Sootscales to do missionary work. Her name is Eisa and she is a enthusiastic but green cleric. Scotia gives her some money for holy books and trinkets. Scotia and Quinn take her to the Sootscales for a proper introduction and establish that she as well can “talk” to Sharptooth. Daral of the Radish Patch is charged with looking out for the young human.

Adal is introduced to a good prospect for his wardens by Dralt Stonebeard. The young dwarf, named Brons, is a skilled ranger and a disciplined follower, but he has an intense hatred for giantkind. Adal agrees to recruit him and sends him along with some veterans to work the North area of Innisfree. Caelan learns of a religious tension growing between the towns and the country, this is embodied in the relationship between Elder Jhod and Bishop Grimald.

The game concludes with everything set into motion for dealing with Karros and the group planning to take a bit of time to head down and explore Candlemere Island.



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