Hearth Haven

Abadius 7th – Calistril 14th, 4716

After a night with Eugene’s father the group meets with the leader of Rolgrimmdur, General Hayla Sagginsdottir, the next day. They then spend the next month with the dwarves after the offer of Hearth Haven was offered by General Sagginsdottir. (For details see the forum thread: Visit to Rolgrimmdur.)

Hearth Haven is consummated and a formal alliance between Innisfree and Rolgrimmdur is established.

The group sets off South. There is a bit of trouble with a Chimera-Manticore crossbreed and a couple of bears, but before long they are crossing the border into Andoran. They come across a lonely frontier inn called the “Weary Ferret” and decide to spend the night.

Inside they encounter a very suspicious situation. There are only a few patrons and the bartender tries to quickly get rid of them claiming “We’re full up”. After a bit of discussion the bartender goes into the kitchen, after a short time he returns to say that some rooms have opened up. Something is obviously wrong. The barkeep and cook don’t seem to know how to run an inn, the other “patrons” just sit there, bits of broken pottery and blood stains can be seen here and there.

The group retires to their rooms to discuss the situation. In the meantime those on the main floor begin piling tables and chairs and soaking them with whiskey. (Quinn sees this as he is scouting around invisibly.) The men light the inn on fire and wait outside to ambush the group.

A battle ensues, many of the men getting away in the darkness. The inn staff is found in the burning building and rescued. The group allows them to keep any treasure claimed from the ruffians, including a massive ruby. They spend the night in the stable.

The next day they discover a group of Andoran law enforcement putting up a wanted poster. The poster depicts the men they battled the night before. They discover that these men are thieves on the run after a museum robbery in Almas. The group reports their experience with the thieves to the authorities, and let them know of the ruby now in the hands of the innkeeper.



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