Isarn to Rolgrimmdur

Kuthona 10th, 4715 – Abadius 7th, 4716

The game starts as the group makes their way into Isarn from the side trail the Marquis of Liberthane directed them to use. They pass through what was once a beautiful neighborhood, now burned and destroyed by 4 decades of mob hysteria. They get to the city proper and meet an old woman begging for money. She engages them in conversation, trying to suss out various bits of information. She directs them to a nearby cafe and says they should talk to the owner, Rebecca.

In the cafe Rebecca serves them coffee and a meal. Rebecca as well does her best to pry some information from the group, but they are far too wary of the situation (and rightly suspicious as to why these strangers are trying to find out so much about them). Rebecca lets them know they ought not to look like foreign warriors or adventurers and that it is safest in Galt to blend in with the locals whenever possible. She directs them to “La Maison de Metege” for some new outfits.

They follow her directions and find themselves at a very upscale clothier’s run by a Gnomish fashion designer who refers to himself as “The Great Metege”. One last attempt at finding out information from the characters is made, they again dodge this inquisition. Seeing a mob listening to a speech made from near a guillotine they then begin to make their way out of town looking more Galtish (though some just decided to throw a cloak over themselves, weapons and armor still pretty evident…not suspicious at all…DM is very happy he didn’t roll an encounter in Isarn. lol)

The group decides that walking would be the easiest way to get across Galt, they begin their journey South to Woodsedge. Travelling across Galt they encounter “Rouge Robere”. They learn from Jean that this man is famous in these parts for robbing from travellers and giving the proceeds to the local common folk. Rouge Robere makes a very convincing and impassioned plea as to why the people need 2000 gold pieces. As he puts it, with the politicians distracted with trying to appeal to the mob and law enforcement more concerned with rooting out “enemies” of the rebellion there is no one else who will look after the common rural folk. They bargain him down to 1000 gp and are on their way; they are unimpressed by the thuggery but genuinely concerned about the people.

They pass a group of soldiers with no problem. Closer to Woodsedge they are ambushed at night by a trio of shadows, all three seem intent on killing Caelan. The group destroy them. In the morning a single set of humanoid footprints can be seen in a muddy patch near the campsite, no tracks leading too or from it.

The group passes through Woodsedge and crosses the Sellen River by ferry. The travel the next few weeks along the eastern foothills of the Five Kings Mountains. They are attacked by giant rock chameleons and a pair of hill giants in two separate encounters. The latter encounter being a bit of a problem given the giants’ superior position (they were set up in ambush), but the battle ended dramatically as Adal and Wonfu decimated the giants with stunning efficiency (critical hits).

The group arrives at the dwarven city of Rolgrimmdur. Rolgrimmdur is Eugene’s home town and the place where a majority of Innisfree’s dwarves come from. They find out it is a city whose economy is based on military production and training. Weapons and armor smiths abound, siege weaponry is being produced, mercenary companies stand ready, and a famed military college is housed here. While Rolgrimmdur itself is a peaceful city, they know what they are good at.

The group quickly tracks down Eugene’s father at the Lockwood Brewery. Eugene’s father, Glanoril, and Quinn are shocked to discover they have met before. (Glanoril was one of the dwarven brewers mentioned in Quinn’s backstory.) Glanoril tells his story.

A keg of special Lockwood Mushroom Stout (the darkest, thickest beer known to exist on Golarion) is given to the Duke, a gift from Glanoril for all Innisfree has done for his family. The duke shares this brew with Glanoril and tells the old dwarf of the last years of Eugene’s life.

It is discovered that the dwarves of Rolgrimmdur are very interested in the new Duchy of Innisfree; also they are keenly wishing it success.



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