Making Friends

Neth 27th – Kuthona 10th, 4715

(Slight Retcon) As the group explores the goblin cave the come across an elf tied to a spit near a fire. Beside him is a goblin picture book which details how to make elf pudding. The group frees the elf and tends to his wounds. They discover his name is Wonfu and he is a warrior-priest of Erastil. In return for saving him he asks if he could travel with the group and aid them on their quest. It is agreed to.

After creating a cairn for Galford, visible from both river and road, they say some prayers over him and are on their way.

A few days down river the boatman is forced to make camp early to do some simple repairs to his boat. They land in a heavily forested area, a long way from any civilized area. The group discovers that they have camped near an old forgotten cemetery. Tombstones and tombs dot the forest landscape and foul odor is detected. The group, knowing there is going to be trouble, head into the area. They do battle with a pack of ghasts, defeating them convincingly.

A day later the boatman lets the group off and they begin by foot towards the city of Isarn. While travelling the plains of the southern River Kingdoms the group is attacked by a ferocious bulette as they were resting. After a tough battle they defeat the creature, Wonfu immediately unleashes some positive energy to heal the group. The land-shark gets back to its feet (as it was in the area of effect) and the fight is back on…though only briefly. The group kills it again. The next day they skin the massive creature, they take its hide and claws.

As they begin travelling again they are spotted by some local farmers who seem to be very excited. They discover the bulette had been plaguing this land for almost a month, many farmers and their livestock had been killed. They also learn there is a reward for killing the creature. After a night of meals and celebration with a number of the local farmers the group continue on to the city of Liberthane, the last River Kingdom settlement before the border of Galt.

At Liberthane they are given a heroes welcome. They are taken to see the Marquis de Liberthane Girault Rousseau. He gives them the 15,000gp reward and welcomes them to his city. Caelan and Girault have a lengthy meeting and discover that despite their differences they have much in common. Girault is an aristocrat through and through while Caelan is always focused on the common folk, yet both want peace, order, security, and opportunity for their people. The solid foundation of a friendship is fostered during the group’s few days here.

As they explore and speak with it’s people the group discovers Liberthane is a place of learning and ideas, but at the same time a place ready for battle. Liberthane is a place for the old ideals of Galt; a throwback to the glory days of that once great country. Because of this however they live in fear that the mob-mind of Galt will one day focus it’s attention northward towards them. Their army is well trained and ready for the worst.

The Marquis tells the group that they will face a lot of hassle if they take the main road South. He tells them of a small side road that weaves through a small stretch of forest near the village of Vonda then comes out into a “safe” area of Isarn. He also gives them the name of a river captain that can be trusted. The group thank him and are on their way. On their way out a young man rushes forward and asks the Duke if he could be his squire. A brief interview is given and Caelan agrees. Jean DeArgent is now Caelan’s squire.

The group takes the side road, and as promised they are able to cross the border without a problem. In fact they don’t meet many other travelers at all along this route. As they get close to the village of Vonda they hear ahead of them the baying of hounds and the shouts of an angry mob. They also hear something even closer crashing through the forest, something big. The group readies themselves.

They are shocked to see breaking through the brush a severely wounded bronze colored dragon. It’s right wing is broken and dragging behind it. As the creature sees them standing in its way it collapses to the ground, expecting a certain death. Instead the group quickly move to protect the dragon. The mob comes closer then releases their hounds. Despite the group’s warnings and threats the mob is determined that they will kill the dragon. The fight is on.

After a fairly difficult fight (Galtan soldiers and peasants are an experienced and tough lot) the group prevails. They heal themselves up and then the dragon.

When the dragon finally comes to she thanks them for saving her and apologizes for not being able to reward them as she once could have done. They find out her name is Colette Desmarais. She is a bronze dragon who has lived as a human for many decades. She had come to love Galt back in its glory days of sophistication. She had lived as a wealthy socialite and philanthropist in the capital of Isarn until the revolution then moved out to her vineyard near Vonda. Quietly she has been trying to bring some order back to the chaos. Sadly, the day before, she told her fiance Rene of her secret identity. The next day she was ambushed by soldiers and a mob. Between the ambush and the fact that she was trying her best not to kill anyone the fight quickly got outside of her control, in desperation she fled.

During their discussion with Colette they also learn that their friend Eliza Petulengro is a major figure in the counter-revolution in the South of Galt. The group tries to convince her to go to Innisfree, the Duke even drafts a letter for her to bring with her directing the council to welcome her to the kingdom. After a few seemingly random questions Colette just nods and says “she’ll think about it”. The sounds of another mob can be heard. Colette makes sure the group is okay then flies off (not before scaring off the mob though).

The game concludes with the group arriving at the outskirts of Isarn.



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