Tracking Down the Laughing Marauder

Pharast 7th – 20th, 4716

The group bids farewell to the Skipper and crew of Delores, they head into the great city of Sothis. It is a loud, smelly, crowded city of confusing streets; it is foreign and overwhelming. The first few days are spent dealing with red tape and minor bureaucrats. During these days Scotia and Iola have some fun with the local street children (culminating in the group literally having to flee the street as a mob of begging children rush toward them), Adal chats up other adventurers, Wan-fu feeds the poor and discovers some important information, and a truly inspired Quinn gives some legendary performances at the Inn the group is staying (The House of Reeds).

During these days Wan-fu finds out from a recently “retired” fighting man that the Laughing Marauder is a rough translation (Eutaicho Katai-turuq) of a bandit lord near An. The group learns that the Laughing Marauder has been hitting the main roads around An every few weeks. The bandits are careful not to target anything too big or too important and they also take the people from the caravans (again, except anyone too rich or influential). They also learn that this bandit group is made up of gnolls riding dire hyenas.

The group buys some magical desert survival supplies and walk to An. Along the way they encounter some sand burrowing Death Worms and a group of papyrus merchants. They learn from the merchants that some of the Laughing Marauder’s bandits had been captured on the last attack and that they were currently on display in An’s main square.

The party heads into An and soon finds the main square. There is only a single remaining gnoll, chained to a great stone. The gnoll (whose name is Narl) feels betrayed by the Laughing Marauder. He tells Wan-fu if the cleric can end his suffering (kill him) he will tell where the bandit’s hideout is. It is agreed. Narl gives the group a landmark in the Shining Mountains to look for, he also tells them that approaching from the East would be impossible (a gnoll town and fortifications) but that there is a cave on the West side of the mountain. The hideout is inside a mountain.

The group heads out, thanks to Adal’s wilderness skills and other’s geography skills they soon find the hideout. After seeing the gnoll town they sneak around the mountain to find the cave in the West. The see from a distance that the cave is inhabited by giant scorpions. They make their way to the cave under the cover of darkness (killing a few scorpions on the way) and get into the cave (killing more scorpions quite easily…though Iola does get into some trouble.)

The group ends the session in the cave system.



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